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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I woke up craving for orange marmalade

One day I woke up craving for orange marmalade dipped dark chocolate. Orange marmalade was abundant in grocery shelves before so I thought maybe I could go there and get some. Guess what I've been going back to the stores and I fail to find any of those, much to my disappointment. Right now I run a grocery store of my own I realized people really don't have the spending power in this place. People are more into commodities here than into imported goods. This Christmas season sales spiked up for a while but still it is hard to move inventory in
this place. In business perspective I saw that this place severely needs to manufacture something in order to fill this place with activity. I've observed most money circulating here are either from oversees worker remittances or government offices. As for me I wouldn't sell orange marmalade or dark chocolate here. It simply wouldn't sell.

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