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Monday, April 30, 2012

Self Defense for Women


It is indeed dreadful much more frightening for women to know that rape cases are rampant nowadays and that the victims are defenseless during this unwanted situation. What’s more alarming is that there are also instances that the victims are not only raped but are brutally murdered. With this situation increasingly alarming, what should women do? Here are some few good tips you might actually want to emulate.

1.      Most rape cases happen during the night and most of these rape monsters are drunk or sexually aroused. Use your common sense. Do not pass by when you see a flock of drunken men on the streets, and if possible walk with the crowd. Do not walk in a quiet and deserted place.

2.      Keep yourself in a defense mode all the time. This doesn’t mean that you have to show it off, just keep your instincts alive and keep your mind running so you could actually escape or beat your attackers.

3.      Learn some techniques when confronted with such. Below are the list of self-defense tactics you should bear in mind:
a.       Pressure Points. These points will render your attacker incapacitated due to pain. Effective pressure points are the groin, windpipe or nose. However there are certain situations wherein it would be hard for you to reach these points:
a.1. You’re reason to use this technique is to escape, so do not waste so much
time to beat him up. Just inflict one time pain then run and ask for help.
a.2. Choose the points nearer to your reach and would definitely depend on the
position of your attacker. Example, you’ve been attacked and its impossible
for you to reach the nose, why not kick his knee instead if it’s the closest.
a.3. If you have to strike your attacker on its upper half of the body, use your
hands. Good striking positions are those with the outer edge of your hand in a
knife position, a palm strike, a knuckle blow or a tight fist.
a.4. If your attacker is very close, do the elbow strike either forward, backward,
unassisted or assisted.
a.5. If you’ve been attacked within your waist down, kicking is the best
technique. Use the toe and instep of the foot and execute a front snap kick or
roundhouse kick with your shoes.

b.      Always have a tool handy. It may be a pen, keys, umbrella or just anything. When you find something hard aim it at his bone and anything that has a point or something sharp, aim it at soft tissues.

c.       Move Along A Triangle. Do not move in straight lines. Your attacker has mentally thought of striking you in a particular target. When you change your attacker’s coordinates, it changes the effectiveness of his attack. Then move the line of your body out of the path and change the distance between you and your attacker. After he has lost his concentration, do the attack with the object you have on hand.

There you go! I hope this few tips on defending yourself would help you. Never think that you are weak, because you are born unique and definitely strong.

Top 10 sky Diving Sites


The feeling of adrenaline rush is what extreme sports lovers would always seek for and it’s a plus to be in commune with Mother Nature while having this kind of feeling. Sky diving is one extreme sports anyone would “dare” to try, and would probably include it in their bucket list, given the fact that only tough and daring people can succumb.  Who else wouldn’t want to ever see the world underneath you? For those who would want to try sky diving, here’s a list of the top 10 best sky diving sites in the world.

10. Mount Everest in Nepal/Tibet
            The highest to climb, and is a challenge to the climbers to conquer its peak. Though its rewarding to see the world below after you reach the highest point, it is even rewarding to see the mountain itself atop. However, getting you to skydive in this marvellous terrain would require you some bucks to fund it, and that you have to schedule for a skydiving experience at least 6 months prior. But if this is what luxurious adventure means to you, why not try?

9. Swiss Alps in Interlaken, Switzerland
            The best way to see the Swiss Alps is through diving across the sky. The best to sky dive for newbies and backpackers; this skydiving spot is at its best especially when there are moments when you are in line with the rocky crags as you fall down freely.

8. Taupo, New Zealand
            Dive across the sky passing through the imperial landscapes of New Zealand. This place is known to be the SkyDiving Capital of the World, where people are willing to spend some money to pay for an exhilarating experience of a lifetime.

7. Sao Paulo, Brazil
            Innately paradise, Sao Paulo in Brazil is known to be the best place for a vacation where sun is not timid, the ocean are at par with the sun’s warmth along with palm and coconut trees in its seashore. Paradise, isn’t it? And what better way to see the whole of it than seeing the paradise from above.

6. Australia
            Home of extreme sports, Australia sure is one the best sky diving sites in the whole world. As you fall freely, you’ll see within your eyes the Great Barrier Reef, the World Heritage Rainforest and some golden sandy beaches.

5. Seville, Spain
            This spot in the world offers skydivers options to dive in tandem or in accelerated freefalls of approximately 15,000 feet. Below you is a landscape of picturesque beaches, marshlands, nature reserves, the Guadalquivir River and mountain ranges.

4. Oahu, Hawaii
            Hawaii, to the world is the home of white sandy beaches. Though it is nice that you experience the beach itself, wouldn’t it be nicer that you the see these beautiful paradise from up above? It’ll give you an adrenaline-charged amazing experience.

3. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
            The Kamchatka Tracks offers its skydivers tours including stopovers at some hot springs or a sky jump atop Mutnovsky, an active volcano.

2. Zambia
            Flying down from a thousand feet up to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Zambezi River, is just one of the best experience to yearn for a lifetime. As you booze down from diving across the sky, you’ll pass by real National Geographic sceneries and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see a rainbow too!

1.      Mauritius
Children ageing 12 years and up, may experience sky diving, of course with an adult
tandem. Although the price may be a bit higher, but the experience for these kids are sure worth the bucks.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cameras for non-professional photographers

Cameras for non-professional photographers

A picture perfect image doesn’t entail expensive cameras, nor do perfect moments need to be captured by high-end cameras. It just needs a tandem of some skill and a good camera to make the picture outstanding.

Below are the top 10 cameras for non-photographers that render its users good quality images without having too much to spend for Digital SLRs. Plus, this cameras may serve as your stand-off point before you dig in more into photography.

12.1MP DIGITAL CAMERA                        Price: $ 379.00

This point-and-shoot camera can capture amazing photos and videos easily. It has a low-light performance and a high-sensitive 12.1 Mp CMOS sensor. The colors are more vibrant, white balance is true-to-life with reduced noise and blur. It also has 35x Optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer to make action scenes come out steady and clear.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to make the right career choice

(A Guide to High School Graduates)

Probably the biggest challenge for a teenager is to choose the career path he/she would go. Indeed it is, having been torn to many choices, especially when the options are promising enough. So, for someone who has just left the confines of his/her high school life, here’s some interesting tips you might want to consider in making good career choices:

1.    You should have set your career plans, who do you want to be?
It is always the common notion to follow what you want. Although it is good that you take good advices from the people surrounding you, it is always best to follow what you want. Take it from someone who has gone through a lot just because she hasn’t gone after what she dreamed of. Do not go after what is popular, you would surely excel in a field that you love, right?

2.    If you aren’t sure of what you really want, assess your skills. In what field are you good at? Math? Science? English? or anything that you are interested to.
No one knows you better than yourself, and you alone can tell what field you are good at.  From here, you may derive as to what career you would be heading.

3.    Why not take career assessment tests? Or listen very carefully during career guidance.
There are career guidance seminars that are given freely by different institutions. Take their words, one way or another it’ll help you sort out possibilities.

4.    Be practical.
Getting a college degree nowadays entails not only skills, sometimes or most of the times it requires good financial backing. If a four-year degree is something your family cannot figure out at the moment, there are two-year degrees that are being offered. After two years and you have landed a job, then pursue for the four-year degree. Anyway, education does not discriminate age, it accepts people of all ages.

5.    Do not see things as today; see yourself 4 years after you graduate. Would this career be as viable as it is today?
You are working on your future, and you do not want yourself be one of those who took the course and didn’t land at a job that is fitting to your degree. Take for example nursing, this course had become a fad for years and it was worthy to note that indeed it got a lot of high school graduates that time enrolled. After its popularity faded, with oversupplied nurses, Filipino nurses and nursing graduates resort to fields that were not even a major subject in the curriculum! So it is advisable to note as well the kind of field you want to pursue, is it long-lasting? Will there be no oversupplying of these? Is the industry still here after I graduate?
There may be a lot of advices that would flood down to your feet just to help you aid in this dilemma. Successful people starts with one small step, that single step of yours may lead you to a successful life or not, so be very careful in choosing. Regardless of the advices you’ll receive, at the end, it will always be your choice.. It should be your choice.

Steps to help you move on

Steps to help you move on

“Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go.. Knowing me, knowing you is the best I can do” a heart breaking song from ABBA (one of my favourite songs actually!). Breaking up is probably one of the most difficult emotional turmoil a person has to undergo and no one is ever exempted from it. After all the happy moments, sad moments, all the memories you have had suddenly ends and that you’ll have to face the world alone, the pain is somewhat excruciating that you’d rather be injured physically (because physical trauma may heal), than being bombarded with the feeling of emotional hurt over and over again.

Below is the DABDA theory of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, this may seem a little awkward because this theory is originally a theory of coping death, but I sense that these stages did happen when I had my first break up, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you. Then on the later part, I will give good tips on how to move on.

1.    Denial.
When we are confronted with unwanted emotional circumstances, we tend to deny that it is happening. We remove the thought that the relationship you have had is near ending and there is nothing more you can do about it.

2.    Anger.
When we cannot deny the truth and it is really happening, we tend to be angry..right? We get angry to the person we had offered the last months or years of our life, or perhaps we blame ourselves for the outcome of what was once you happiness.

3.    Bargain.
The stages doesn’t necessarily follow, but part of accepting the reality is bargaining. What ifs and If only are few of the words that will pop out. “If only I have been this kind, we would have not ended like this” or “What if I would this beautiful or sexy; maybe he’ll have second thoughts”. In this stage we tend to feel that there is still hope in fixing the relationship, thinking or what ifs and if only can patch up.

4.    Depression.
Our tendency when emotional circumstances arise is to shy away from people, be withdrawn, keeping yourself from others and be lonely. You get to experience the feeling of having no reason to wake up each morning and no reason to smile. Who wouldn’t be sad? The very person you thought you had offered your smiles to and shared your happiness with, suddenly gets out of your life. And it is this very feeling that you would you would never love again.

5.    Acceptance.
The final stage and definitely the most rewarding! This is when you finally realize that there is life beyond what has been for the past months/years and that losing the person meant giving you the opportunity to find the right one.

Here are some few good steps in moving on, you may or may not take the steps as it is. Have it modified, if you want to. Just choose what would probably help you cope with the pain:

1.    Get a hold with God, your family and friends. My constant listener the time I was broken was God. Every night I prayed that He will heal my heart, and slowly He did. Your family and friends is the very people you can turn to. Always seek their advices, always ask for their guidance and make happy moments with them.

2.    Acceptance is really not something we can make up our minds easily, as I stated above; it had to go undergo stages before you accept the reality. Acknowledge the truth that it is happening, deny it if you have to, but do not shy away completely from reality.

3.    It is a common adaptation to keep ourselves busy, and it really works! The break-up I have had did get me into the stages of anger, bargaining and depression, and keeping myself busy is one way of coping these stages.

4.    Discipline yourself not to get in contact with him/her or at least reduce the communication. Ex’s are called exs because they are already existent in the past. There is no more viable reason why you should communicate. Do not think that it’s a gesture of bitterness; it’s just a way of moving on and is something he/she should acknowledge.

5.    Rejuvenate yourself. Have a haircut, change your hairstyle or just pamper yourself. Its way of telling yourself that you have risen from a deep sleep and you are invigorated to a new you.

6.    If the end is something that is not clear between you and you are still hoping, get the closure. It’s best that you hear it directly from him/her. My acceptance of the break-up happened when he did confront me that he found a new love, that made me stop and moved on literally.

7.     The pain itself is excruciating, but believe in the saying that, “you have to feel the pain until it hurts no more.” You’ll find yourself getting used to the feeling and eventually realize that you already had moved on.

8.    Your relationship ended because you are not meant for each other. Recognize the thought that there is someone out there who is better than him/her. Meet new people. It’s not dating, it’s just accepting possibilities of a new love, if ever.
It is natural for us to go through sadness sometimes because life would be monotonous if we won’t feel other emotions than being happy. That’s why it’s called life, where you live with a variety of people; experience multiple events because only on this we would grow as a person.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ways to ask a girl out


“So here’s a guy, he’s been dealing with this girl for a long time. They would chat, exchange sweet nothings, walk along the park and do stuffs like good old friends. The girl never knew that this guy is secretly admiring her, and is dying to ask her out..the problem is, he doesn’t know how.” These scenarios often make men helpless, making them weak aside from the thought they are men - known to be strong. There are a variety of ways to ask a girl out, but a guy should consider some thoughts first to avoid having NO for an answer:

1.    Is the girl also showing some interest in me? You’ll know it with the way she looks at you, with the ways she giggles on your corny jokes or how she touches you. If you’re not certain, consider digging her feelings towards you first.
2.    Know her interests; from here you may derive where you two would go, if she says yes.
3.    Show some gestures of interest in her, not to the point of overtly expressed, but make her feel that there is something special you feel for her.

Now, here’s the tips:

1.    Do not ask her directly, she might be puzzled. Just pop it in a way that you two are conversing like the casual. Ask her if she’s interested in this kind of movie, and if it interests her, and then ask her to come with you to watch a movie. Make the conversation as casual as possible.

2.    You may set up a dinner date already, without her knowing. Just tell her that you two will meet up because you want her to accompany you to the mall or any reason that would make her go there. In this way, you already don’t have to ask because you’re already dating!

3.    Ask her directly then add some stuffs like, “it’s okay if you say no because I know you’re very busy”,she’ll surely give you YES for an answer, reverse psychology always works.

4.    Ask her indirectly like sending her a letter, a rose or anything with a note in it asking her to go out with you.

5.    If a girl is really into you, you don’t have to prepare too much. In whatever ways you would maneuver, she would definitely say YES. You just don’t know how she’s been waiting for too long for you to ask her.

Grooming Must Haves for Men


In the perspective of a woman, although attitude is what matters most, they do also count on physical features, specifically grooming. Grooming entails not being too vain, but speaks to a woman that a guy who is well-groomed is a guy who is well-mannered.Men don’t have to be as handsome like Brad Pitt, and it’s not absolutely necessary for them to have the six-packabs to get the girls gaga over him.There are just these simple rules that women look for in a guy for a first impression:

1.    Most women prefer men without beards and goatees. It’s a bit turn off for a guy with unshaved beard and with goatees clinging in his chin. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to shave entirely those hairs, as these features make you manly, but please do check it every now and then if it has grown too much.

2.    Our noses do have hairs that grow inside, but please do see a mirror when you feel some of it pops out in the open.

3.    There’s a certain part of a guy that is somewhat metrosexual, they can be vain at times. But it’s sort of a turn off if aguy’s face is whiter than his actual skin tone – he’s looking more like a vampire!

4.    Dress neatly and by this, it means have your clothes ironed. Women would fall for guys who look and appear neat. He, in the eyes of the women, already smells sweet even without any perfumes.

5.    Check your nails. Though women don’t look at your fingernails immediately but if in cases you give her something and she accidentally saw your nails untrimmed and dirty, expect her to think twice on your grooming habits, even if you’re looking drop dead gorgeous!

6.    Have your hairs done. Women are vain in terms of hair getups, and it’s no question why they would also love to see you with your hair neatly done. You don’t have to put on too much gels or clays, just make it look simple and tidy.

7.    Check on your breath. Even if you have the sweetest smile, or looking so handsome but your breath smells horrible, expect that woman to never talk to you ever again. Even if she’d do, expect her to faint because of holding her breath for long!

8.    Body Odour is the Total Turn Off! There are these women who find men sexy when they are sweating, but sweating with an uncontrolled odour is way disgusting! Always have perfumes on hand, in case you’ll feel that you smell offbeat.

9.    Cleaned shoes. This may be too much to ask, but it’s a part of preying yourself to women. Good looking guys are always beaten by well-groomed men.

10.    Hold yourself like a gentleman. What you are as a man would reflect on your physical aura. Women can tell if he or she is dealing with a good guy with the way you hold yourself.

What do girls want in a relationship

What Do Girls Want In A Relationship?

Being in a relationship is a good thing, right? Loving someone and be loved in return is probably one of the best feelings in this world and is certainly priceless. Both man and woman have their own responsibilities to keep the relationship going, amidst trials. Trials are meant to make the relationship strong, and it tests how each party could hold on to the feeling. During these trials you can assess yourself how far you can go with the person you are with.

In the beginning, before a relationship could ever be formed, boys have the conscientiousness to woe the girl he likes. It is during this time that boys are being assessed on how consistent and truthful he is to the girl. When a relationship is already formed, both parties should carry on the relationship together. It is neither the girl alone nor the boy alone to handle it. So for you guys, here are some tips for you to know and understand to keep your relationship going.

1. Be Consistent. Consistency is one of the girls look for in a relationship, she fell for the efforts you have made to win her, be the same when you already have her, don’t be too complacent. Do not change just because she already said “yes” to you. Instead, do more than what you did while you’re still courting her.

2. Be Faithful. Being faithful is like fulfilling a promise. Girls are more likely to be clingy to every word a boy utters, so be very careful when you utter promises, because it’s a sure that girls would hold on to this.

3. Be Honest. There is no better way to start a good relationship than being honest with each other. Be honest with everything that you do for her. In honesty, you will gain her trust.

4. Make her feel special often. A long term relationship may turn out to be monotonous and can be a bit boring. Put up a little spark by doing surprises and or gift-giving, girls always love sweet surprises.

5. Respect her. Respect her decisions, respect whatever she says. Give her time to utter words, you might dislike and take it (if it’s your fault). Respect her as a woman, like respecting your own mother.

6. Be sensitive to her feelings. Girls are highly emotional. They can be moody very often for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, you need not to pacify her all the time. Just be sensitive. Know when she’s mad, determine when she’s not in the mood, and make her laugh if there’s a chance, listen to her when she needs it. Non-verbal communications of girls are more common, so be keen enough to determine it. One is silence, when she’s silent than usual, it’s better that you ask her why, all she wanted is a guy who knows her needs without being told.

7. Be supportive. Do not antagonize, just because what she wanted is against yours. Though you are in a relationship, always remember you two are still separate individuals and have different lives, so be supportive with whatever she indulges herself into.

8. Be her Best friend at times. It is healthy for a relationship to treat each other as friends as well, not just sweet lovers. Keep her secrets, if she tells you. Girls are gossipy so it’s sort of sweet for a guy to talk to her like one of her girl friends.

9. Create memories with her. Do extraordinary things that would make memorable moments. It would probably be the sweetest for a guy to be generous and full of surprises.

10. Be proud that you have her. It is endearing to have a guy that is not only happy because he has her but is also proud that he’s his girl. Let her meet, greet and bond with your family and friends.

Relationships are not carried only by the boys alone, because it is a shared task. However, there are a lot of instances where boys neglect their girls because they already feel secured of the relationship. Girls must be treated like jewels, just like the song of James Ingram, “Find One Hundred Ways”.