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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Better Way of Teaching


The current educations systems are becoming obsolete with the fast changing world. Instead of people discovering their strengths people are taught conformity.  I believe instead of being told what to study students should be taught how to learn fast. But of course to some extent children need to be taught the basics. Communication, Mathematics, Science and Arts, but they should be taught to equally pursue their interests on their own.  It’s already been proven people who are academically excellent and adept at

Friday, January 27, 2012

Natural Skin Care: Cocoa Butter

Natural Skin Care: Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is a form of oil from the cacao seeds it has a hint of chocolaty smell.  It is extracted by letting the cacao seeds drip at a certain temperature approaching human body temp. It naturally separates from the cacao seeds. It is used as a base in certain cosmetics like lipsticks and lip balm.  Cocoa Butter contains natural oxidants that prevent cells from undergoing oxidation. Example of oxidation is when a cut apple turns dark when exposed to air in humans oxidation causes cells to age. A coating of cocoa butter on the skin after baths retains the moisture on the skin keeping skin moisturized. Apply cocoa butter on skin every night before sleeping all over the body it prevents skin wrinkles and restores the skin to some extent.  Cocoa Butter also prevents stretch marks by making skin more elastic because of the good moisture content of the skin and less prone to breakage, Ideal for would be moms. The best thing about cocoa butter is that it is edible and has no harmful chemicals.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monster World Tips Part 2

Monster World Tips Part 2

Making More Money

Try to reach level 44 about that time you will have the Girly Eyes Plant that plant is one of the highest yielding plants in terms of cash and it can be harvested in 4 hours.  Its yield is slightly higher than the chocolate plant. Good for busy people because you don’t need to check on it too much if it is ready to harvest or not.  But I suggest that you gradually shift your strategies to the one I will write below.

Monster World Strategy for Patient People

This strategy will give high returns but the payback will be a bit longer. First you need to get woogoo pump at least the long wait will be worth it with the constant daily inflow of woogoo. You need to get around 500 pieces of plant per kind. Forget the plant market and sell whatever you can to Robert aside from money which is higher than the normal market value he will give you more woogoo. It means you need to need to plant slow growing plants first and reach a level of 500 use the money making strategy using the girly eyes to rack up on your number of plots, keep buying plants and décor until you are satisfied. The strategy for patient people would work better the more you have plots.  

Additional Strategy

Also if you need you need happiness points free of charge always give the baby its whim and it will give you high value decors for free. The more friends you have the faster the game will progress always give gifts to each other and always ask help for team mates. Asking for help and giving gifts will make the game generate free items. And almost always if you wanna buy decors the seasonal decors on the decors menu the far right options next to Path and river will give you a nice amount of happiness points in comparison with the standard décor always compute happiness points/amount the higher the value the more it is worth it and yes I remind you again do not sell to Roberta unless it is part of a mission. She’s a waste of woogoo and the plant selling value depreciates when you create a new products Stick with selling plants for the meantime.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nursing Board Exam Results 2012

The nursing board exam is probably the most anticipated of all the board exams in the Philippines. It is probably the most in demand course. However the government plans to curb the number of nursing graduates by mandating it to schools due to the perceived saturation of this job. To the ones who made it continue following your dreams as a nurse and give the world some more TLC and to those aspiring nurses who couldn't make it because the government says so Its not the end of the world there are still a lot of opportunities around. Never give up. Below is the list of board exam passers.

Alternative jobs for nurses

Conspiracy Theory: Railway Conspiracy Mindanao

Conspiracy Theory: Railway Conspiracy Mindanao

Mindanao is a place of abundant natural resources, beautiful spots and agricultural products, but why isn’t it progressive? One of the problems would be accessibility from city to city. This hampers tourism and transport of goods the current transport system which requires the use of highways with bad roads more expensive to travel for anyone.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Business Ideas

If you are tired of the standard 9 to 5 office work. Getting bored of the routines? Maybe its time to start being an entrepreneur and be your own boss. This is for people who want follow their own rules and quit the rat race. Here are some business ideas you can start with which can be done at home.

1. Baking is fun to do of course you have to actually try your products first before you release it to the market.  Get the whole neighborhood hooked on your blue berry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, New York cheese cake etc.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monster World Tips

Monster World Tips

How to Get Money Fast?
The highest yielding plant in terms of cash in a short amount of time would be the glass plant but it will not give you experience points. The second would be the lemonade plant. But these plants are very time consuming and tedious to plant you have to wait for better plants and the magic begins at level 30 which I’ll discuss later. When you are below level 30 your plants will not earn much money so we will squeeze whatever money we can from it. The first thing you got to do is maintain the number of plant  pieces equal or more than the number of plots on your garden why because Robert the sales robot accepts only random

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Military Hardware: Drone Warfare

Drone war fare is the latest in weapon’s technology. An unmanned vehicle is a good prevention for the loss of life of your troops and unlike missiles it can be recycled again and again unless of course it is shot down. Plus drone warfare evens up the odds of fighting against a country with huge army reserves. With countries trying to avoid using weapons of mass destruction as an equalizer, using drones is the better option to preserving their troops. Nowadays aircraft carriers are the benchmarks of power but still most planes on aircraft carriers are powered my people. Imagine aircraft carriers with squadrons of unmanned aerial vehicle they can go at speeds like mach 7 and

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Bye Butt Acne in 21 days!!!

Have you ever suffered from boils or butt acne. Is it giving you a hard time? Is the simple act of sitting down an ordeal, chances are you've got Keratosis Pilaris this happens when the sebaceous glands on your butt is blocked maybe because of poor circulation because you are sitting all day and you are getting a slightly calloused butt or maybe because of the cold weather and the pores are closed. Ok here are some remedies to help  get rid of butt acne.

Jobs that will get you the ladies

OK here goes you are a guy, you just graduated from high school, you still haven't decided what career to take but you love meeting the ladies. Here are some jobs that can increase your "encounters". =D

1. Makeup/artist - Not much action here you need to pretend to be a sissy but at least you can get into dressing rooms.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Have Nice Shiny Silky Smooth Hair

Do you like the outdoors? Do you like the beach? Is your Hair getting unmanageable? There is a natural way of getting that silky smooth shiny hair, skip those chemicals and go natural. I am talking about mayonnaise. It has egg proteins that nourishes hair. Hair is after all made of keratin a fibrous structure of protein. Sometimes the fibers get torn or sun damaged the proteins from the mayonnaise will act as a filler to replace broken keratin fibers. This is specially good for people who like the beach the salt crystals if it dries up on the hair

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Guarantees Survival in the World these days

A few decades ago a college degree was enough to give you good paying jobs then a master's degree was quite rare. Nowadays a master's degree is very common a lot of college students end up jobless or getting jobs not related to their respective bachelor's degree. Bottom line is a college education nowadays cannot guarantee you to a good life. I call this age the age of entrepreneurs and freelancers where they can juggle multiple jobs at once or employ themselves,  very versatile people open to almost any sort of challenge. Lately

Conspiracy Theory: Government Funded Mass Inoculations

I've always feared the needle specially during my childhood days those free inoculations sponsored by the government.Now that i think about it we make ourselves vulnerable to become government test subjects for bacteria, viruses, new drugs or new vaccines, disguised as standard procedure vaccination. Not only that maybe the government can also give unsuspecting children random sterilization drugs to curb population growth. I am not saying this is happening. I am saying that children are vulnerable to that in case the government decides to do

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save our Seas: Dwindling fish stocks

The world is in danger of shortages of fish. The seas are currently exploited more than what they can sustain. People are not just overharvesting fish; they are destroying the seas preventing it from recovering. Fishing used to be done in the shores where there are coral reefs, destructive methods such as dynamite fishing, use of cyanide and muroami fishing.