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Monday, June 11, 2012



Reflecting the image of an old Vietnamese village, Evason Ana Mandara Villas is one of the best sites for your rest and recreation in Dalat. Ana Mandara’s exclusive location at the centre of NhaTrang’s only beachfront resort surrounded with tropical gardens is such a perfect haven for you to shy away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

R and R site AMANPURI Phuket Thailand

R and R site AMANPURI Phuket Thailand

A certain site in Phuket, Thailand where you’ll see nature and culture clash giving you a tranquil rest and recreation is theAmanpuri Resort. One of the luxurious chains of hotels of Aman, the Amanpuri resort nestles in a crescent-shaped beach by the side of turquoise waters and surrounded with coconut palms.

Amanpuri means “place of peace”, which have been the long-running theme of Aman Resorts. The resort started operating in 1988, and was the eldest amongst the Aman family of luxurious hotel. Adding up to the worldly known of Aman, is the country of Thailand which is famed for many of its tourist destinations with Phuket as one of its popular islands. Aman plus Thailand equals real luxury with isolation and seclusion.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

R and R site Fullerton Hotel Singapore

R and R site Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Are you out on a trip to Singapore for some business or just wanting to see some great sites in the country and have some rest and recreation but haven’t found a nice place to stay? One of the affable hotels in Singapore is the Fullerton Hotel which is located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. With 400 rooms to choose from, this hotel is one great accommodation to stay.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a five-star luxury hotel that had undergone transformations and transcended different functions. The Fullerton Building was named after Robert Fullerton, the first Governor

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

R and R site AMANPULO Pamilacan Island Philippines

R and R site AMANPULO Pamilacan Island Philippines

Tranquil, private and exclusive all these and more are the experiences you’ll have as you stay in this very blessed site in the Philippines perfect for your rest and recreation.  Amanpulo is one of the many luxurious chains of Aman resorts. It is known that when we speak of Aman resorts, it means high-class service and when we mean Philippines, it means paradise. Add them and you’ll have the best retreat in your life!

Pamalican Island in Philippines is where this luxurious resort is nestled. The island paradise is located at the middle of Sulu Sea and is surrounded by sandbanks, rich marine life and well-maintained reefs. Pamalican Island has a length of 5.5 km and 500 meters wide, shallow and long and part of the Quiniluban group of

R and R site Aryani Resort Terengganu Malaysia

R and R site Aryani Resort Terengganu Malaysia

Wouldn’t it be nice to find that perfect site where you can both have the rest you need and the recreation you always wanted? At the Aryani you can pleasure yourself with the activities on hand or simply communing with nature with privacy and exclusivity.

A clash of nature and culture within the coastline, the State of Terengganu is the cradle of Malay culture in Malaysia. It also has the longest coastlines in the country.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

R and R Site: Panchoran Retreat Ubud,Bali, Indonesia

R and R Site: Panchoran Retreat Ubud,Bali, Indonesia

As you browse over different sites in the web to find the best rest and recreation, you would definitely come across this picture of villa that is built like a bridge with a hanging sitting box under it. The design would definitely catch one’s attention.  The place to which this unique house design was the Panchoran Retreat located at Ubud, Bali.

Monday, May 28, 2012

R and R site: OBEROI Hotel

R and R site: OBEROI Hotel

Oberoi Group has many luxurious rest and recreation hotels scattered to different sites all over the world. They have 28 hotels and three cruises in five countries under the luxury “Oberoi”. Included in their list of luxurious havens are the Oberoi Bali and Oberoi Lombok in Indonesia.

And oh, by the way, did I mention that Oberoi’s asset is their staff? Yes, the staff and crew of Oberoi are the best when it comes to accommodating its guests. Aside from their luxurious services, you’ll get to feel that you are just within your own home, because the staffs are really welcoming and hospitable.
Oberoi in Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s tourist sanctuary because of its strategic location as well as its rich tradition and culture and high value for the arts. The Oberoi in Bali is just the right place for you, if you’re seeking for serenity. It is located in 15 acres of tropical gardens on Seminyak Beach. The beachside Oberoi contemplates you with a Balinese experience filled with peace, hospitality and tropical beauty.

Their accommodations are blended with Balinese style with their thatched roof villas, private pools, unique garden bathrooms, gorgeous interiors where it showcases Balinese art. The view of the swimming pool that looks out at the ocean is just so breath-taking and is truly reflective of the beautiful wonder of Bali.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

R and R Site: Nihiwatu

R and R Site: Nihiwatu

Still haven’t found the perfect R and R site? How about going to an isolated and extraordinary resort? Or perhaps exploring the seas either by fishing, surfing or diving? How about packing it all up doing water activities in an isolated and extraordinary resort for your perfect rest and recreation? Sounds interesting, right? Well, try immersing yourself in this splendid isolated and unspoiled region in the Indonesian Archipelago, where you will surely say there is heaven on earth. I am referring to the island pure of perfection – theIsland of Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is a little and exclusive getaway in the eastern part of Indonesia. People who had come to this place had attested that the experience they had in this island resort gave them the exclusivity and romance they always wanted for a perfect getaway.

Friday, May 25, 2012

R and R Site : Lesser Sunda

R and R Site : Lesser Sunda

Another exoticsite to spend your rest and recreation is the place in Indonesia where the “dragons” are settling. Yes, you read it right, there are literally dragons living in the jungles of Lesser Sunda.

Lesser Sunda or Nusa Tenggara (Southeast Islands) is an assemblage of islands located in the southern Maritime Southeast Asia, north of Australia. This tourist site is least visited and least developed parts of Indonesia. Unlike other exotic world of animals in Borneo, Sulawesi and Papua, the Lesser Sunda is relatively dry and rocky. It’s neither home to great rainforests nor a big diversity for exquisite local islands. The islands in fact are less populated with big animals.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

R and R Site Kelimutu Mountain

R and R Site Kelimutu Mountain

Probably the most challenging site to reach but is worth the trek because of the majestic sceneries plus a unique rest and recreation, is the Kelimutu Mountain. Imagine yourself seeing three – colored lakes in a crater!This mountain is also a very rare natural wonder found in Indonesia.

It is only but a dream to trek the Mt. Kelimutu on the island of Flores because the trip up is extremely challenging. The national park consists of hills and mountains, with Mount Kelibara (1.731m) as its highest peak. The amazing mountain terrain has three colored lakes which are such a magnet to many tourists across regions and even across countries.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

R and R site rainforest: GUNUNG LEUSER NATIONAL PARK


Is your definition of rest and recreation is trekking out in the forest and see orangutans and other forms of flora and fauna? The GunungLeuser National Park is the last place in Sumatra where Orang-Utans, Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos and Leopards live together.

The park is just so breath-taking that you’ll see for yourself orangutans climb from tree to tree in the waterfalls, or perhaps Thomas leaf monkeys playing in the trees and hear the calls of gibbons and hornbills. With your stay here in this national park, you’ll surely say that there is still a paradise on Earth!

About Gunung Leuser National Park

The Leuser Eco System has a total area of more than 2.5 million hectares; within its boundaries are 950,000 hectares of designated national park. The park area lies at a height of 0 meters in Kluet and up to 3.404m to the peak of Gunung Leuser, to which the park is derived. It is bordered within the provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh. It untouched rainforests are home to an immense Biodiversity of more than 170 mammals, 320 birds and 190 reptiles and amphibians. It also has 7 major river systems with several volcanoes within Bukit Barisan Mountains.

There are several eco systems that are found within the park borders such as beach forest, swamp areas, low land rainforest, alpine areas and mountain forest.

Travel Guide

Getting There

If you’re not coming from within Indonesia, you may get to this paradise by an international plane and land at Medan which holds the nearest big airport in the region. However if you wish to hike the Gunung Leuser you may fly to Kutacane from Medan which will take you about 30 minutes travel or Banda Aceh which accepts flights on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Where to Stay

Ketambe is a village where most accommodations are found. The area is situated between the only paved road and the parallel flowing river to which the distance between the road and river is about 150 meters. There are 3 bungalows, each with one room, a double sized bed and a concrete and tiled bathroom. Fronting the bungalow is the terrace with table and chairs and possibility for setting a hammock. There’s also a restaurant within the accommodation to which you may order your foods.

The Trek

Before you proceed with your trek, you have to secure your permits at the PHPA office. The fee is about Rp 20,000 or approximately US$ 364.00 per person.

You may arrange your trekking activity with the accommodation you are in to like the Ketambe. They will provide you with guides and ports depending on the number of days you want to trek the jungle.

For a one day trek, one guide will go with you. The trek will usually take 6 – 8 hours. As you go along, the guide will show and explain you some special plants. The goal of your trekking for is to look for and spot orangutans, gibbons, monkeys and birds.

The two to four days of trekking is usually accompanied by a guide and a porter. The hike will go deep inside the Ketambe jungle. Still, your goal here is to see and spot orangutans, gibbons, monkeys, deers, wild pigs and birds such as hornbills. You will get to cross a river, sleep in the jungle where there is a camping ground beside a hotspring. Included as well in the trip is a visit to a waterfall. Just beware of the leeches that might come out after the rain. It’s advisable that you wear closed shoes and long trousers.

If adventure is something that’ll give you that inner rush and excitement, try the five to six – day tour. It is way harder than the previous treks because there are parts in your journey that can be quite steep with roads that are heading up and down. A guide and two porters will accompany you. There are three destinations you may choose from: The tour to Mount GunungKemiri would usually take 5 days. The peak is about 3,300 meters. Atop the mountain is the panoramic view of the national park. Another spot you may opt to trek is the tour to Lake TigaSagi which would also take you 5 days of trekking. It is best to visit this place during the dry season because during this time animals such as elephants, deer, pigs, and Sumatran tiger go to the lake to drink.
A trip to Bukit Lawang may be difficult to book. The trip usually takes 6 days where you will see many orangutans and gibbons as well as elephants. The hike is way harder and would let you cross rivers more than 20 times. You will have an experienced guide and 2 porters.

Mount Gunung Leuser, the highest mountain peak which is 3,381 meters will be reached for 6-7 days another 6 – 7 days going back, so it’ll probably take you around 14 days to trek it. An experienced guide who has gone through this place for many times as well as two porters are needed to proceed to this route.

Other Activities

For another extreme adventure, you may opt to do rafting. You may choose to do the Professional Rafting tour with a Rubber boat, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment for this adventure such as a life jacket, helmet and paddle. You will be accompanied by an experienced raft captain.Local Rafting tour with an Inner Tube Raft and Single Inner Tube River Riding are other options. 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

R and R diving site and beach: GAJAH MINA

R and R diving site and beach: GAJAH MINA

A beautiful site that fits for your rest and recreation criteria, Gajah Mina lies in South West coast of Bali where nice small private villas provide a lovely view of the sea set on a cliff top surrounded with tropical gardens. The place to which this beach resort is located is in close proximity with Tanah Lot Temple in Tabanan.

The Bali Resort offers its guests its own privacy overlooking the beach carved into the volcanic rock. Each of the villas has its own wall gardens with private terraces for your lounge amidst the clouds and crown of palm tucked in between rice fields, with a pool that is surrounded with a rice terrace.

The Resort

Gajah Mina is an accommodation that is combined with the ethnic characteristics of the Balinese cultural environment with the touch of comfort and sophistication. The materials used are from natural materials like volcanic stones, teak, coconut wood and unpolished marble. To enjoy the sea breeze and the perfume of tropical flowers, the villas have their own private verandas with loungers. The villas also have their own bathrooms and an outside garden.

·         Standard Villas are furnished bungalows with one bedroom (King size bed) and private garden terrace. There are about 7 standard villas in the resort. The standard villa is a great room for honeymooners. Price: US$110.00 or US$ 120.00 during Peak Seasons.

·         Family Suite Rooms are located in a tropical garden that leads down to the swimming pool and the sea. It is a great villa for families on tour with small children. It has two communicating bedrooms, two bathrooms and an outside lounge. There are 2 available family suite rooms in the resort. Another Family Suite is the Suite 9 which has two separated bungalow situated on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. It has an outside bathroom and gazebo. This suite is perfect for families with teenage children. Price: US$ 155.00 or US$ 171.00 during Peak Season.

·         Honeymoon Villas are located on a 15-meter cliff overlooking 3 beaches. From the inside is the panoramic view of the hills with their coconut, cacao and clove plantations and the Batukaro volcano. This suite is a very special place for honeymooners and is furnished in handmade teak furniture, stunning bathroom, loaded Ipod and sound system and a king size bed. Price: US$ 220.00 or US$ 240.00 during Peak Seasons.


Not only is the resort luxurious and comfortable in terms of its accommodation, it also has a lot of services and activities that are in store for your whole stay. Revitalize yourself and enjoy simple pleasures in this tropical Bali Resort. Their services include:

-          Airport trips
-          Room service for your convenience.
-          Wi-Fi internet
-          For you not to be bothered with your laundry, the resort also offers laundry services.
-          Spa and Massage overlooks the surf spot of Balian and the deserted Mejan Beach. Aside from the natural cool breeze, the masseurs are very well trained to offer you services which you may opt for a traditional Balinese massage or Spa treatments.
-          You may also arrange for additional activities in your stay. You may opt to do mountain bike trek, rice paddy trek, surfing, or motorbiking.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

R and R Diving Site/Marine Sanctuary BUNAKEN NATIONAL MARINE PARK

R and R Diving Site/Marine Sanctuary BUNAKEN NATIONAL MARINE PARK

A marine park situated at the northern part of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, the Bunaken National Marine Park could be the next rest and recreation site for you. The marine park was formally established way back in 1991 and is currently one of the fastest growing systems of marine parks in Indonesia.

The Bunaken National Marine Park has a total surface area of 89,065 hectares. It is part of the Indo-Pacific region which supports the highest marine biodiversity on earth. This park was established because it serves as the migratory route for protected animals. It also is the home of many rare and endangered animals such as coelacanths, dugons, whales, dolphins and turtles. It also is a good source of livelihood with over 20,000 residents depending on its resources. It also serves a tourist spot simply because of its rich coral ecosystem.

Northeastern currents sweep through the park. As you dive or snorkeler within the vicinity of Lekuan or Fukui, you may see 33 species of butterfly fish and numerous types of groupers, damsels, wrasses and gobies underneath its bountiful waters. The abundance of hard corals of the marine park is the very core of the reefs. Without these hard corals, many marine organisms would be homeless and hungry as these serve as shelter and egg-laying. Thus, the maintenance of these corals is very crucial.

Travel Guide

Getting There

If you’re coming from Singapore, the regional airline SilkAir caters flights from Singapore to Manado four times a week (Moday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), which would take about three and half hours travel. When you’re within Indonesia, there are daily flights from Jakarta to Manado.

From Manado, you may get a public boat which leaves daily at 2:00 pm except on Sundays. The public boat will dock on the Bunaken Village.


There are a lot of accommodations within Bunaken, only that it can be quite expensive. The most popular in Bunaken are Pangalisang Beach, Lorenso’s Homestay, Liang Beach, Panorama, Nelson’s and Papa Boa.

If you want to stay within the boundaries of Bunaken National Park is Siladen Resort and Spa.

Bunaken’s neighbour Siladen however, offers few accommodations. Should you wish to stay there, try the more popular among budget travellers, the Martha’s Homestay.

Bunaken National Park Fee

All visitors of Bunaken National Park are required to pay the entrance fee of Rp 50,000 (about $6 or Php 232.30) per day or Rp 150,000 ($17 or Php 697.00) for a waterproof plastic entrance tag valid for the full calendar year. The entrance fee system is in accordance with the North Sulawesi Provincial Government Provincial Law Number 9/2002.  The system is in adaptation of the well-known Bonaire Marine Park System. The proceeds from the sales of the entrance are managed by the Bunaken National Park Management Advisory Board which has been successful in raising over $250,000 for conversation programs in Bunaken Marine Park.

Bunaken Marine Park Experience

Bunaken National Marine Park has a unique bathymetry. The absence of a continental shelf in the northern part of North Sulawesi gives the coastal area to drop down directly the continental shelf. Here are some facts you should know about Bunaken Park:

·         The Park homes to at least 58 different genera and sub-genera of corals
·         An estimated 2,000 fish species are found in its waters.
·         The deepest part measures to around 1,360 meters and is found between Manado Tua and Montehage
·         There are numerous dive sites in Bunaken, among these are the following:
-          Living Colours Diving Bunaken. The resort is found on the eastern part of the island. It caters diving/snorkelling activities as well as your accommodation. Trips and tours as well as transportations to and from Manado may also be arranged. 
-          Cha Cha Dive Lodge Bunaken. The resort is run by an Irish-Italian/Japanese couple. It provides you with good accommodations and excellent cuisines. The resort is located on the eastern part of the island.
-          Two Fish Divers Bunaken. It is based at Pangalisang and operated by PADI. Diving is safe as you will be guided by two British instructors. 
-          Bastianos Resort and Diving Center. The resort is located at the western part of the island and is located at Liang Beach. It started its operations on 2004. The dive center is managed by an Indonesian instructor FransRattu.

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R and R sites Hotel and Resort: Amanjiwo

R and R sites hotel and resort AMANJIWO

Is living in the city gets a little bit boring and that you need to get a little bit of some rest and recreation but beach sites is not something that you just opt to go to? Try something different. Say, visit historic sites within your country, go out of town trips and commune with nature or visit world-class heritages. There are a variety of things to do; it just needs a little bit of knowing where you want to go and sticking to your budget.

Amanjiwo, is one of the Aman Resorts that is known to provide luxury accommodations to its guests. This luxurious hotel is located at the serene area of Central Java, Indonesia. You will not only see acres of wooden valley but unfolding before the hotel is the thirteen-hundred-year old Buddhist temple of Candi Borobudur. Aside from the world heritage Buddhist temple, you will also get to see the KeduPlalin in fron and four volcanoes on the horizon.

The hotel-resort is built out of local limestone and has an immersion of Javanese culture depicted on the hotel’s grandeur, serene and majestic appeal. The main structure of the hotel is a circular limestone monolith that is centered by a bell-shaped dome. A magnificent view of the historic Borobudur is seen by the airy entranceway leading to a lofty-ceilinged Bar.

The term Amanjiwo means “peaceful soul”. And this term holds true, as experienced by many guests. If shying away from your hectic normal life is what you want, Amanjiwo is the perfect place to find peace and to relax.

Travel Guide

Getting There

From the Philippines, Cebu Pacific offer flights from Manila to Jakarta on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. From Jakarta, take another flight to either Solo or Yogyakarta. Amanjiwo is just an hour away from Yogyakarta, or two hours from Solo. Three flights are available that directs you to Solo from Singapore, and twice daily from Kuala Lumpur.


There are about 36 suite rooms in the two crescents around the Central Rotunda. Each suite is featured with terrazzo flooring, high ceilings, domed roofs and sliding glass doors that’ll lead you to a garden. The suites have its own daybed, should you wish to just layback, lounge or dine. The interiors of the rooms are keenly designed which include a central four-pillar bed on a raised terrazzo platform, sungkai wood screens, coconut wood and rattan furniture and old batik pillows.

There are about 4 suite room classifications in this hotel. Below is their description and rates that is only available up to April 30, 2013:

1. Garden Suites
Description:These suites provide a magnificent view of terraced farmland and Menoreh Hills.
Price:US$ 850 (Includes airport transfers from Yogyakarta and Solo airports. With complimentary concierge arrival service for international arrivals at Solo airport and a special rate of US$40 per person for those arriving from Jakarta).

2. Borobudur Suites
Description: The Borobudur suites offer a spectacular view of the World Heritage Borobudur
and its surrounding valleys.
Price: US$ 950(Includes airport transfers from Yogyakarta and Solo airports. With complimentary concierge arrival service for international arrivals at Solo airport and a special rate of US$40 per person for those arriving from Jakarta).

3. Garden and Borobudur Pool Suites
Description: these suites provides a great view of the Borobudur temple and is equipped with
its own garden (Garden Suites) and private pools (Borobudur Pool Suites).
Price: Garden Suites – US$ 1,050 ; Borobudur Pool Suites – US$ 1,150(Includes airport transfers from Yogyakarta and Solo airports. With complimentary concierge arrival service for international arrivals at Solo airport and a special rate of US$40 per person for those arriving from Jakarta).

4. DalemJiwo Suite
Description: A luxurious accommodation and a private suite, the DalemJiwo Suite is located
in a discrete compound with its own private entrance, a wraparound terrace and two separate bedrooms. Each bedroom has stone steps going down to the suite’s private swimming pool and two lounging bales. The pool measures 15 meters and is finished with green Javanese stone known as hijaudanau that is set into the rice fields. This suite has its own personal butler and is responsible for the arrangement of all tours and dining options.
Price: US$ 3,000(Includes airport transfers from Yogyakarta and Solo airports. With complimentary concierge arrival service for international arrivals at Solo airport and a special rate of US$40 per person for those arriving from Jakarta).


• You can arrange in the hotel should you wish to do trek the mountain terrains of Central Java. Personal guides are available to tour you around the landscape of Central Java.

• Your trip to Indonesia wouldn’t be complete if you don’t try riding the elephant safaris at Dagi Hill. Personal guides will help you tour around the glimpsing Borobudur. Go by andong, the traditional horse cart used daily by villagers throughout the region.

• Spa services are available in Amanjiwo. A range of Javanese and traditional beauty treatments are available some of which incorporates the ancient holistic jamu method of healing.

• The 18-hole Mount Merapi Golf Club is such a haven for golfers and golf enthusiasts. It is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi, at 1,000 meters above sea level giving the players a cool feeling.

• Java’s cultural capital, Yogayakarta is just an hour away from the hotel. It is a haven for shoppers. Borobudur is also blessed with arts and crafts.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get some R and R at Alila Ubud

Get some R and R at Alila Ubud


Are you planning for a romantic getaway or perhaps just finding yourself some rest and relaxation but couldn’t just find the perfect site? This hotel in Bali, Indonesia just might suit your criteria for the best retreat.

AlilaUbud gives you the tranquility you need or the romantic aura you always wanted. The hotel sits high above the Ayung River and is modeled into a contemporary plus traditional Balinese Architecture. AlilaUbud is surrounded by lush valleys and volcanic hills, one that is different from but no less spectacular than what we always thought of Bali,  white sand beaches, thatched-roof villas open to the sea breeze. The hotel is also one of the world-class hotels that travelers would want to stay, while exploring the beautiful sceneries in Bali, Indonesia.

AlilaUbud sits in the town of Ubud where artists, painters, writers and musicians from around the world would find their inspirations. Within the district are numerous art galleries and museums, temple festivals and the magic of real Bali. This is the very reason why AlilaUbud is the perfect place for you to find your peace.

Travel Guide

Getting There

To get there, you must fly to Indonesia through the different international airlines. The AlilaUbud Hotel is just a 45 minute trip from NgurahRai International Airport. You can have yourselves arranged a shuttle service ahead of time for you not to be hassled with directions.

The Rooms

There are about 64 rooms in AlilaUbud each is of superb quality and picturesque.

1.      Superior Room.
This room measures 30 square meters and is located on the upper part of hotel. It has a private balcony with daybed. This room is a perfect spot to find inspiration or just chill out, kill the time by reading a good book or simply enjoy the unobstructed views of the Ayung River valley.

This room can accommodate 2 persons, which you may either have a one queen-sized bed or two separate singe beds. It has a mini-bar, coffee and tea-making facilities and and Wi-fi Internet access.

2.      De Luxe Room
For a spot that is more intimate, the De Luxe Room should be your choice. It gives you and your partner an intimate hideaway that is not really secluded because it is connected to the outdoors with individual garden terraces and a back courtyard. It has one outdoor shower, mini bar, coffee and tea-making facilities and complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access.

3.      Valley Villa
Isn’t it nice as you wake up in the morning you’ll the birds humming or the nature’s fresh air touches your skin? Being one with nature is the theme for their Valley Villa. This 75 square meters room accommodation is perched over the valley that will give you an amazing view of Ayung River. It has one king-size bed with one shower and one bathtub. It also has a mini-bar, coffee and tea-making facilities, Wi-Fi internet access, private gardens, Open-air bathtub, LCD TV and entertainment system and a personalized use of leisure concierge services.

4.      Pool Villa
A private pool with beautiful landscaped gardens and a spacious walk-around deck, this is what you’ll have in their Pool Villa. The 125 square meters room is perched over the valley giving you the best view of Ayung River. Get to enjoy the experience of the open-air bathtub set in the middle of a lotus pond, or simply laze in with their king size bed. The room can accommodate two adults and is featured with mini-bar, coffee and tea-making facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi access, LCD TV and entertainment system and the privilege use of leisure concierge services.


·         Plantation Restaurant.

A Balinese-style restaurant with central bar, towering coconut pillars and traditional alang-alang roof creates, the Plantation Restaurant is one spectacular restaurant that’ll not only offer you the best cuisines but will also give you an exotic feeling as you the beautiful views of the their natural surroundings. The restaurant is open from 7:00 am – 10:30 pm.

·         Cabana Lounge

This lounge gives you a perfect view of the most romantic pool in Bali. They have their own poolside menu where you can choose a variety of dishes that’ll feed up your cravings. The Cabana Lounge is open daily from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm.

Other Facilities

·         Spa Alila

The masseurs are trained in anatomical physiology, massage, meditation and service with the combination of the latest organic nutrition and health knowledge. The Spa is open daily from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.

·         Infinity Pool

This emerald-green swimming pool is located on a terrace that looks like it is floating above the Ayung River. Along the side of the pool are comfortable sun-beds with Balinese umbrellas.

·         The Art Gallery
Ubud is known for the various artists that have found their inspiration here. AlilaUbudhonors such love for the arts, that it has an Art Gallery inside the hotel that features contemporary Indonesian art. The Art Gallery also hosts to many exhibits annually.

·         Leisure Concierge

For your destination experiences, you may have it arranged by AlilaUbud’s Leisure Conceirge. They will tour you around lifestyle activities that are available inside and around the resort to include yoga and tai chi, couple celebration experiences, Balinese dancing and cultural learning, cycling and trekking. 

·         Library and TV lounge with broadband Internet access
·         Alila Living Boutique
·         24-hour in-room dining
·         Complimentary shuttle service to Ubud
·         Laundry and dry cleaning service
·         Sculpture garden

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