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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Job Security, Recession, Globalization

A problem during recession is job security. A lot of people were laid off during the recession and could not find another job. With the growing standard of living and price of labor companies are bound to outsource labor from other countries. Maximizing profit and minimizing cost is essential in any business that's why you cannot really blame companies from outsourcing their workforce. We cannot really point fingers and accuse them of corporate greed business models are almost always made to put the businessmen at an advantageous position of course in the ordinary employee's eyes it is greed but to businessmen business is just business, nothing personal.

On the other hand there are still ways to protect yourselves from job loss. The safest way I can think of is to create community based businesses that produce and sell products and services within a community. If people within a community would support themselves in such a manner then this would offer some protection to external forces such as globalization. A community based business is like creating an internal economy within a community. It is as simple as gathering people with similar or complimentary abilities to create a product or give a service patronizing community based businesses will help local economy flourish and give income security to the people within the community.

Always Remember: "Win the rat race and you are still a rat" =)

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