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Tuesday, May 8, 2012



Bargain hunting can be an exciting activity here in Davao. You will see in every corner in downtown Davao,a lot of baratillo stores which you will find cheap blouses and other apparels that’ll surely fit in with your budget.

1. DCLA in Uyanguren, Davao City.
When it comes to cheap items, wholesale and retail, DCLA is the first to pop out. This store resembles like that in Divisoria, and is located at the Chinatown of Davao City, - Uyanguren Street. Actually, the little town itself has an array of cheap stores in almost all corners. This store offers dresses and outfits for men, women and children and you may have it in a discounted price, provided that you give them good offers. Other items include bags, wallets, kitchen stuffs among others, just name it, and they have it.

2. Lachmi Mall in San Pedro Street
If DCLA in Uyanguren is not something that is part in your itinerary, another store in Davao – Lachmi Mall is offering the same stuffs and almost same prices in DCLA and more accessible and nearer because it is just within downtown area and near the City Hall of Davao.

3. Felcris in Illustre Street
This store is easy to locate because it is just in close proximity with Gaisano South Citimall and near Davao Doctors Hospital. It is also close to other food establishments and schools like Davao Doctors College. It is one of the oldest stores in Davao City. Outside the store is a array of fresh fruits and vegetables. These vendors usually sell these foods late afternoon. Inside the mini-mall is their grocery department and upstairs are their apparels section. You can find cheap clothings there, some at Php99.00 each.

4. Novo at IllustreStreet
Just in front of Felcris is another baratillo establishment. Their clothes range from Php150.00 to Php200.00. Their maong starts at Php300.00. Other stuffs you can buy here are shoes which start at Php150.00, kitchen utensils, frames, even center tables, chairs and many more all at a cheaper price.

5. Victoria Plaza at Bajada
This mall is one of the oldest malls in Davao City. In its second floor are baratillo stalls of cheap, new and fashionable apparels, shoes and bags for all ages, and you can still bargain with their prices.

6. Unitop at San Pedro Street (City Hall Drive)
Looking for cheap gadgets? Unitop at San Pedro Street is one place you would want to visit. They have cheap apparels, gadgets, appliances and other stuff all under one store.

7. Love Bargain Bazaar in San Pedro Street (City Hall Drive)
Adjacent to Unitop is another appliance center that offers cheap appliances and gadgets.

8. Gaisano South Citimall in Illustre Street
Used to be called JS Gaisano, this mall in Davao City is one of the oldest mall in the city. On its 5th floor are some baratillo stalls and an array of appliance and furniture sale.

Looking for baratillo stores doesn’t have to really search for it. Well, it’s just a matter of budgeting and sorting out what’s needed and what you just want.

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