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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

R and R site AMANPULO Pamilacan Island Philippines

R and R site AMANPULO Pamilacan Island Philippines

Tranquil, private and exclusive all these and more are the experiences you’ll have as you stay in this very blessed site in the Philippines perfect for your rest and recreation.  Amanpulo is one of the many luxurious chains of Aman resorts. It is known that when we speak of Aman resorts, it means high-class service and when we mean Philippines, it means paradise. Add them and you’ll have the best retreat in your life!

Pamalican Island in Philippines is where this luxurious resort is nestled. The island paradise is located at the middle of Sulu Sea and is surrounded by sandbanks, rich marine life and well-maintained reefs. Pamalican Island has a length of 5.5 km and 500 meters wide, shallow and long and part of the Quiniluban group of
Cuyo Islands in Palawan.

The name Amanpulois derived from the root words Aman which means “peace” and Pulo, a Tagalog term for “island”. Amanpulo Resort is in a secluded island where you can have all the privacy you ever wanted with a wide array of sea, sand and tropical island-retreat-pleasures, coupled with the comfort and traditional designs of its accommodations. It has 40 Beach, Hillside and Treetop Casitas which are designed resembling like that of a bahaykubo, a native house in the Philippines, with golf carts for island exploration.

Travel Guide

Getting There

The tropical beach island is 360 kilometers away from the Metropolitan Manila. To get here, a private 19-seat twin engine propeller plane will charter to the island.

Resort Details

The accommodations in Amanpulo are twin-roofed bungalos located on hillside and on the beachfront. The interior of the accommodations are furnished with pebblewashed walls, coconut-shell tables, rustic Palawan rice and knife baskets, a king-size bed with a rattan headboard and sliding-glass doors. The bathrooms are built with large Cebu marbles, and features twin vanities, separate changing areas, a shower and an elegant bath tub with large windows and shutters. The 29 Beach Casitas are designed with its own pathways leading to a white-sand beach. Treetop Casitas are literally located above the tree-line with a great view of the ocean. An unobstructed view of the sea is what you’ll get in their five Hillside Casitas. If you want to have a great panoramic view of the Sulu Sea and its neighbouring islands plus sunrise and sunset views, check in with the resorts DeLuxe Hillside Casitas. For a homely ambiance, the Villas of Amanpulo is situated just few meters from the sea. You may have for rent or purchase it, and is equipped with a private swimming pool, separate bedrooms, living and dining pavilions, an outdoor lounge and kitchen. Along with the purchase or renting of the Villas, you will have your appointed cook and housekeeper plus you get to enjoy full use of all Amanpulo facilities and services.

Your Experience

Not only is Amanpulo a great stay for your retreat, you get to enjoy a whole lot of cool activities, you’ll cherish forever.

Being surrounded with pristine, clear blue waters and rich marine life, Amanpulo offers you a fishing experience where you’ll catch some snapper and grouper. You may also troll for Wahoo, Tuna and Mackerel.

The blue waters of the Sulu Sea are great avenue for cruising. They have a variety of boats for island hopping, fishing and sailing. Cruises are also available for you to explore the waters around Pamalican. The cruises available include the Sunset Cruise, the Moonlight Cruise and the Island Hopping Cruise. After a day’s excursion, have yourself and your friends a private beach barbecue dinner to which you may arrange earlier.

Pamalican Island has a great weather condition. It is away from typhoon belt. During December to April, when the northeast trade winds blow, novice and experienced wind surfers can have their windsurfing experience on the blue lagoon.

Snorkelling and Diving are great water activities during your stay. The island is surrounded with bountiful reefs. Marine life is very rich in Amanpulo. Hawksbill, green sea turtles, parrot fish, rays and wide array of coral fish are few of the many types of scenery underwater.
If water events, isn’t something you want, Amanpulo has a lot to offer for your land activities. You may want to explore the island by bicycle or perhaps walk around the island of white sand beach for about an hour and a half. How about watch some birds land on the island? White breasted wood swallows, Kingfishers, Black-naped orioles, Sea eagles, Egrets and two dozen other species make Pamalican as their seasonal homes. The island of Pamalican is also the nesting home for Green and Hawksbill turtles. From March to October, female turtles come up to the beach at night to lay their eggs.

The Aman Spa is a recent addition to the arrays of many facilities of Amanpulo. The Spa is a peaceful sanctuary to which you may pamper yourself with beauty treatments and fit enhancement. The spa is perfectly located on a hillside above the treetops giving you picturesque view of the Sulu Sea. It is composed of a series of pavilions made up of native wood and other natural materials.

Other Facilities found in the Island include:

·         Swimming Pool – a 30 meter swimming pool with two high bougainvillea trellises. The aquatiles reflects the Sulu Sea with 3 spacious open-air salas.
·         Tennis Court
·         Sea Sport Hut
·         Gym
·         Boutiques
·         Library
·         Beach Club
·         Lagoon Club
·         Meeting Rooms
·         Sea Sports Hut

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