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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save our Seas: Dwindling fish stocks

The world is in danger of shortages of fish. The seas are currently exploited more than what they can sustain. People are not just overharvesting fish; they are destroying the seas preventing it from recovering. Fishing used to be done in the shores where there are coral reefs, destructive methods such as dynamite fishing, use of cyanide and muroami fishing.

There are a number of ways to replenish fish stocks one is to provide alternative livelihood for poor coastal communities. People who are in these communities know little or nothing other than fish, training rehabilitation and livelihood projects are necessary in order for them to turn their attention on other income sources other than fishing.

The huge commercial vessels however are a bigger problem. They go to the deep sea fishing in the middle of the oceans and seas where no law is protecting nature in the deep seas, creatures slow to reproduce and slow to grow these species cannot replenish themselves for many millennia. We cannot directly stop them from exploiting international waters but every one of us can reduce our fish intake, maybe not completely erase fish from our diet but rather directing our appetite on grown species like milkfish and tilapia. Another suggestion would be to go vegan it is the most ecologically sustainable kind of diet, sadly we live in an omnivorous world leaning towards carnivorous but it is not yet too late we can still make a shift and turn our society more ecologically sustainable. The laws cannot fully protect the seas but as an individual choosing another food source and lowering the demand for seafood will ease the load on the depleted seafood supply.

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