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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Win a gift Christmas 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen Children of all ages. Get a chance to win something this Christmas. The objective of this blog post is to reward some lucky people for a chance to win something this Christmas of 2012. The prizes would be unpredictable. It could be as small as a souvenir trinket or as much as a condo unit. A few rules one would be to buy from my affiliate links (click the shopping link)

Second send me your scanned amazon invoice or delivery receipt please do not double send your receipts, title should be Christmas 2012 promo, please write your Name and address on the emails or more contact info containing the receipt. The more the participants the higher the prizes. Please take note sending me your receipts without buying from my amazon link would greatly decrease the value of the possible prize this Christmas season and lastly no one can complain about the prizes thank you very much happy shopping. =D

Oh yeah before I forget to all the bloggers out there, the blog generating the highest traffic for a back link to this post will also get a prize. The blog should have contact details for me to get in touch with the winning blogger.

Note: This is a personal blog promo funded by affiliate websites like amazon. Everytime you click and buy from the online shopping affiliate. This blog is not connected to  its affiliates in terms of operations. For more info please research on affiliate marketing.

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