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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Better Way of Teaching


The current educations systems are becoming obsolete with the fast changing world. Instead of people discovering their strengths people are taught conformity.  I believe instead of being told what to study students should be taught how to learn fast. But of course to some extent children need to be taught the basics. Communication, Mathematics, Science and Arts, but they should be taught to equally pursue their interests on their own.  It’s already been proven people who are academically excellent and adept at
following instructions usually end up being the most highly paid employee versus people who follow their own rules and trust their creativity are the ones who end up being the successful business moguls.

People will always look for something different and non-conformists almost always end up creating something new from their imagination.  Teachers sometimes can be so harsh judging students with low grades. Students after a lot of scolding usually get into a state of depression and might feel worthless. I believe good teachers are not the ones who make students do their bidding; good teachers are those who bring out the inner strengths and potential of students.

The current basic education system, the grading system creates an environment of competition among students but we all know that cooperation is better than competition, more can be done. If people help each other than trying to compete with each other more things can be done, whereas in a graded system people are encouraged to reach the spot which is only good for one person. In this earth we are all connected, we are all in this together; if we are taught to cooperate with others from the start a lot of world problems and misunderstandings can be mitigated. Like wars and allocation of natural resources, and combating world hunger. Everything starts in a person’s formative years.

Make a person do things through fear and he/she would comply, make a person do things the fun way and he/she will do things without being told.

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