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Friday, April 27, 2012

What do girls want in a relationship

What Do Girls Want In A Relationship?

Being in a relationship is a good thing, right? Loving someone and be loved in return is probably one of the best feelings in this world and is certainly priceless. Both man and woman have their own responsibilities to keep the relationship going, amidst trials. Trials are meant to make the relationship strong, and it tests how each party could hold on to the feeling. During these trials you can assess yourself how far you can go with the person you are with.

In the beginning, before a relationship could ever be formed, boys have the conscientiousness to woe the girl he likes. It is during this time that boys are being assessed on how consistent and truthful he is to the girl. When a relationship is already formed, both parties should carry on the relationship together. It is neither the girl alone nor the boy alone to handle it. So for you guys, here are some tips for you to know and understand to keep your relationship going.

1. Be Consistent. Consistency is one of the girls look for in a relationship, she fell for the efforts you have made to win her, be the same when you already have her, don’t be too complacent. Do not change just because she already said “yes” to you. Instead, do more than what you did while you’re still courting her.

2. Be Faithful. Being faithful is like fulfilling a promise. Girls are more likely to be clingy to every word a boy utters, so be very careful when you utter promises, because it’s a sure that girls would hold on to this.

3. Be Honest. There is no better way to start a good relationship than being honest with each other. Be honest with everything that you do for her. In honesty, you will gain her trust.

4. Make her feel special often. A long term relationship may turn out to be monotonous and can be a bit boring. Put up a little spark by doing surprises and or gift-giving, girls always love sweet surprises.

5. Respect her. Respect her decisions, respect whatever she says. Give her time to utter words, you might dislike and take it (if it’s your fault). Respect her as a woman, like respecting your own mother.

6. Be sensitive to her feelings. Girls are highly emotional. They can be moody very often for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, you need not to pacify her all the time. Just be sensitive. Know when she’s mad, determine when she’s not in the mood, and make her laugh if there’s a chance, listen to her when she needs it. Non-verbal communications of girls are more common, so be keen enough to determine it. One is silence, when she’s silent than usual, it’s better that you ask her why, all she wanted is a guy who knows her needs without being told.

7. Be supportive. Do not antagonize, just because what she wanted is against yours. Though you are in a relationship, always remember you two are still separate individuals and have different lives, so be supportive with whatever she indulges herself into.

8. Be her Best friend at times. It is healthy for a relationship to treat each other as friends as well, not just sweet lovers. Keep her secrets, if she tells you. Girls are gossipy so it’s sort of sweet for a guy to talk to her like one of her girl friends.

9. Create memories with her. Do extraordinary things that would make memorable moments. It would probably be the sweetest for a guy to be generous and full of surprises.

10. Be proud that you have her. It is endearing to have a guy that is not only happy because he has her but is also proud that he’s his girl. Let her meet, greet and bond with your family and friends.

Relationships are not carried only by the boys alone, because it is a shared task. However, there are a lot of instances where boys neglect their girls because they already feel secured of the relationship. Girls must be treated like jewels, just like the song of James Ingram, “Find One Hundred Ways”.

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