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Sunday, June 3, 2012

R and R Site: Panchoran Retreat Ubud,Bali, Indonesia

R and R Site: Panchoran Retreat Ubud,Bali, Indonesia

As you browse over different sites in the web to find the best rest and recreation, you would definitely come across this picture of villa that is built like a bridge with a hanging sitting box under it. The design would definitely catch one’s attention.  The place to which this unique house design was the Panchoran Retreat located at Ubud, Bali.

Panchoran Retreat is situated on the peripheries of Ubud, specifically the little village of NyuhKuning. The estate is blissfuly isolated, which is a perfect definition of a retreat, so you can definitely lose yourself in the eight-hectare grounds or tour around the bamboo forest. With the forest in mind, we can be assured that this place is home to many butterflies and birds, as well as varieties of flowers, gingers, spices, and fruits.  Along the river you will get to see a shimmering blue flash of Java Kingfisher with his big red beak. Just a kilometre from here is the south entrance of Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest.

Along with the many picturesque sites in the Panchoran Retreat are amazing rock formations, breath-taking waterfalls and lots of natural springs. The houses here are built from natural materials like bamboo and Bodhi tree. The houses are made up of recycled or sustainable materials.  Each of these houses are uniquely created and situated in different area of the accommodation so you would get the best of everything this destination has to offer.

Perched on stilts, the Waterfall House is the honeymooners’ favourite. It gives you the feeling of being in a different world where Bamboos abound the area. A natural spring fed pool and private outdoor Jacuzzi with views across the valleys completes the entire aura of the house.

The location of the River Houseis absolutely perfect! It is seated at the turn in the river where rare birds and kingfishers abound. Opposite the house is a majestic waterfall. The interiors are made up of wood, bamboo ceilings, thatched roofs and Javanese furniture and Indonesian antiques. Alongside the terraced gardens, is a one and a half meter spring pool and a poolside pavilion with a giant bamboo daybed to laze away your hours.

The Modern Waterfall House is created with a more contemporary architecture and of modern furniture and gadgets. This house is contemplated with nature because of its walled garden and a plunge pool right beside the river which gives you the privacy you needed.

Locate on the high posts at the side of a hill; the house is surrounded with coconut trees, where the bedroom is just within the eye level of the palm trees. Resembling like a tree-house, the Coconut House is a great spot for bird watching.

A great spot to capture the sunset, the Bamboo Garden House gives you long views of the river with white water breaking into the rocks. Many rare birds accumulate in this area, where a collection of rare bamboos are planted.

For your leisure activities, the retreat may organize you your hiking experience, a cycling trip through the rice fields, bird walks, sailing, diving, salsa dancing or a helicopter tour of the island.

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