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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

R and R site Aryani Resort Terengganu Malaysia

R and R site Aryani Resort Terengganu Malaysia

Wouldn’t it be nice to find that perfect site where you can both have the rest you need and the recreation you always wanted? At the Aryani you can pleasure yourself with the activities on hand or simply communing with nature with privacy and exclusivity.

A clash of nature and culture within the coastline, the State of Terengganu is the cradle of Malay culture in Malaysia. It also has the longest coastlines in the country.

The name Aryani means “the origin” in Sanskrit. If you have to look at the place, it isn’t the typical hotel you dreamed of, the Aryani stands true to its name; it portrays the classical Malay settlement from way back. This ambiance is coupled with a refreshing site of the quiet sandy beach of Terengganu, where it faces the Redang National Marine Park.As you gaze along Aryani, you would see heritages of the country such as hand woven gold thread “Songket”, brasswares, fine-wood carvings, woven mats and batik.
Travel Guide

Getting There

The Aryani Resort is situated north of Kuala Terengganu and is only a 30-minute travel away, or just 20 minutes from the airport. To get to the resort, you just have to follow the main route pointing northward to Merang, Permaisuri or Kota Bharu.

Kuala Terenggau is just a few minutes upon entering the District of Setiu. As you trek towards the resort, there will be marked sign post that’ll guide you.

The Aryani Resort

The design of the Aryani Resort was derived from the elegance of authentic Malay architecture inspired by the Sultan’s Palace during the old days.

As soon as you arrive, the guests are welcomed with “BungaRampai” which is a Malaysian Potpourri, Cold Towel, and a Welcome Drink of “Lemon Grass Tea” coupled with Welcom Food of Terengganu’s famous “KeropokLekor”.

The main building of the resort holds the lobby Reception Area, the Main “Serai” Restaurant, Nusantra, Meeting Room, “Galeria” Boutique and “Hikayat” Fine Dining Room.

Another showcase of the resort, aside from the panoramic view of the islands, is the Grand Central Courtyard that looks like an ancient village center square. It holds the swimming pool with three elevated pavilions around it. The Central Courtyard is the area where traditional performances used by the guests, it is also the place where you can enjoy the classical music of “Gamelan Orchestra” during the night. It is indeed a great place where you can engage yourself in another world of ancient history.

The hundred-year old timber “Heritage Suites” is another unique feature of the resort. The suites give you the experience of what it is to live in an ancient Malay Timber Palace.

The various islands of the National Marine Park where crystal clear waters are like magnets that invites you to dive in and explore its rich coral communities is another attraction of this resort. To get here, you just have to hurdle a short boat ride.

The landscape surrounding the resort is well-preserved. It has wild Guava and coconut trees abounding the lushly landscaped gardens. Also found in the resort are native plants of Terengganu. Another natural way of keeping mosquitoes away is The Serai or Lemon grass, the Pandan tree is also another way to keep the cockroaches away. Sugarcanes and wild banana plants also surround the area with purple and pink flowers to make it a rustic village scene. Local flowers and Frangipani provide a great fragrance blended well with a natural sea breeze.

The Rooms

The Aryani Resort has 20 villas to accommodate you, thus making the place an exclusive and private spot for your getaway. The rooms are built in vernacular architectural style, most of which are free-standing and have its own private entryway and garden with outdoor bath.

Modern Suites, Delux and Superior Room are the villas being offered by the resort. The beds in the rooms measure 2.2 meters which can accommodated 3 adults. The rooms are equipped with facilities like hot and cold showers, IDD telephones, TV, private garden, sunken bathtub in an intimate garden setting.


·         Swimming Pool
The resort has a perfect rectangular – shaped pool with wakaf or an elevated pavilion or bale. The pool is surrounded with pool chairs and smaller huts just so you need to shade yourself from the heat of the sun.

·         Hikayat Fine Dining
For a quiet and more intimate dining experience, the Hikayat Fine Dining located on the ground floor is the best place for you. The restaurant is only available for dinner which opens from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.
·         Pulau Beach Club
The beach club is just few meters away. It caters light snacks and cocktails which gives you an overlooking view of the ocean.

·         Heritage Spa
Located inside a timber house is, the Heritage Spa is secluded to a place where it is known be a century old. Herbal treatments with natural healing powers, with a soothing and adequately ventilated fresh air are just the kind of ambiance you need for a great relaxation.

·         Other Activities
You can arrange for an island hopping tour, or you may have your own experience of Diving and Snorkelling trips to Redang, Bidong Islands and National Marine Park. Other optional tours include Kenyir Lake, Sekayu Waterfall, Town tour, Museum Complex and others.

Rental of bicycles is also available to enjoy the scenic view on the surrounding villages. You may also arrange for you to have your golfing experience.

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