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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ways to ask a girl out


“So here’s a guy, he’s been dealing with this girl for a long time. They would chat, exchange sweet nothings, walk along the park and do stuffs like good old friends. The girl never knew that this guy is secretly admiring her, and is dying to ask her out..the problem is, he doesn’t know how.” These scenarios often make men helpless, making them weak aside from the thought they are men - known to be strong. There are a variety of ways to ask a girl out, but a guy should consider some thoughts first to avoid having NO for an answer:

1.    Is the girl also showing some interest in me? You’ll know it with the way she looks at you, with the ways she giggles on your corny jokes or how she touches you. If you’re not certain, consider digging her feelings towards you first.
2.    Know her interests; from here you may derive where you two would go, if she says yes.
3.    Show some gestures of interest in her, not to the point of overtly expressed, but make her feel that there is something special you feel for her.

Now, here’s the tips:

1.    Do not ask her directly, she might be puzzled. Just pop it in a way that you two are conversing like the casual. Ask her if she’s interested in this kind of movie, and if it interests her, and then ask her to come with you to watch a movie. Make the conversation as casual as possible.

2.    You may set up a dinner date already, without her knowing. Just tell her that you two will meet up because you want her to accompany you to the mall or any reason that would make her go there. In this way, you already don’t have to ask because you’re already dating!

3.    Ask her directly then add some stuffs like, “it’s okay if you say no because I know you’re very busy”,she’ll surely give you YES for an answer, reverse psychology always works.

4.    Ask her indirectly like sending her a letter, a rose or anything with a note in it asking her to go out with you.

5.    If a girl is really into you, you don’t have to prepare too much. In whatever ways you would maneuver, she would definitely say YES. You just don’t know how she’s been waiting for too long for you to ask her.

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