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Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 10 sky Diving Sites


The feeling of adrenaline rush is what extreme sports lovers would always seek for and it’s a plus to be in commune with Mother Nature while having this kind of feeling. Sky diving is one extreme sports anyone would “dare” to try, and would probably include it in their bucket list, given the fact that only tough and daring people can succumb.  Who else wouldn’t want to ever see the world underneath you? For those who would want to try sky diving, here’s a list of the top 10 best sky diving sites in the world.

10. Mount Everest in Nepal/Tibet
            The highest to climb, and is a challenge to the climbers to conquer its peak. Though its rewarding to see the world below after you reach the highest point, it is even rewarding to see the mountain itself atop. However, getting you to skydive in this marvellous terrain would require you some bucks to fund it, and that you have to schedule for a skydiving experience at least 6 months prior. But if this is what luxurious adventure means to you, why not try?

9. Swiss Alps in Interlaken, Switzerland
            The best way to see the Swiss Alps is through diving across the sky. The best to sky dive for newbies and backpackers; this skydiving spot is at its best especially when there are moments when you are in line with the rocky crags as you fall down freely.

8. Taupo, New Zealand
            Dive across the sky passing through the imperial landscapes of New Zealand. This place is known to be the SkyDiving Capital of the World, where people are willing to spend some money to pay for an exhilarating experience of a lifetime.

7. Sao Paulo, Brazil
            Innately paradise, Sao Paulo in Brazil is known to be the best place for a vacation where sun is not timid, the ocean are at par with the sun’s warmth along with palm and coconut trees in its seashore. Paradise, isn’t it? And what better way to see the whole of it than seeing the paradise from above.

6. Australia
            Home of extreme sports, Australia sure is one the best sky diving sites in the whole world. As you fall freely, you’ll see within your eyes the Great Barrier Reef, the World Heritage Rainforest and some golden sandy beaches.

5. Seville, Spain
            This spot in the world offers skydivers options to dive in tandem or in accelerated freefalls of approximately 15,000 feet. Below you is a landscape of picturesque beaches, marshlands, nature reserves, the Guadalquivir River and mountain ranges.

4. Oahu, Hawaii
            Hawaii, to the world is the home of white sandy beaches. Though it is nice that you experience the beach itself, wouldn’t it be nicer that you the see these beautiful paradise from up above? It’ll give you an adrenaline-charged amazing experience.

3. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
            The Kamchatka Tracks offers its skydivers tours including stopovers at some hot springs or a sky jump atop Mutnovsky, an active volcano.

2. Zambia
            Flying down from a thousand feet up to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Zambezi River, is just one of the best experience to yearn for a lifetime. As you booze down from diving across the sky, you’ll pass by real National Geographic sceneries and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see a rainbow too!

1.      Mauritius
Children ageing 12 years and up, may experience sky diving, of course with an adult
tandem. Although the price may be a bit higher, but the experience for these kids are sure worth the bucks.

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