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Monday, April 30, 2012

Self Defense for Women


It is indeed dreadful much more frightening for women to know that rape cases are rampant nowadays and that the victims are defenseless during this unwanted situation. What’s more alarming is that there are also instances that the victims are not only raped but are brutally murdered. With this situation increasingly alarming, what should women do? Here are some few good tips you might actually want to emulate.

1.      Most rape cases happen during the night and most of these rape monsters are drunk or sexually aroused. Use your common sense. Do not pass by when you see a flock of drunken men on the streets, and if possible walk with the crowd. Do not walk in a quiet and deserted place.

2.      Keep yourself in a defense mode all the time. This doesn’t mean that you have to show it off, just keep your instincts alive and keep your mind running so you could actually escape or beat your attackers.

3.      Learn some techniques when confronted with such. Below are the list of self-defense tactics you should bear in mind:
a.       Pressure Points. These points will render your attacker incapacitated due to pain. Effective pressure points are the groin, windpipe or nose. However there are certain situations wherein it would be hard for you to reach these points:
a.1. You’re reason to use this technique is to escape, so do not waste so much
time to beat him up. Just inflict one time pain then run and ask for help.
a.2. Choose the points nearer to your reach and would definitely depend on the
position of your attacker. Example, you’ve been attacked and its impossible
for you to reach the nose, why not kick his knee instead if it’s the closest.
a.3. If you have to strike your attacker on its upper half of the body, use your
hands. Good striking positions are those with the outer edge of your hand in a
knife position, a palm strike, a knuckle blow or a tight fist.
a.4. If your attacker is very close, do the elbow strike either forward, backward,
unassisted or assisted.
a.5. If you’ve been attacked within your waist down, kicking is the best
technique. Use the toe and instep of the foot and execute a front snap kick or
roundhouse kick with your shoes.

b.      Always have a tool handy. It may be a pen, keys, umbrella or just anything. When you find something hard aim it at his bone and anything that has a point or something sharp, aim it at soft tissues.

c.       Move Along A Triangle. Do not move in straight lines. Your attacker has mentally thought of striking you in a particular target. When you change your attacker’s coordinates, it changes the effectiveness of his attack. Then move the line of your body out of the path and change the distance between you and your attacker. After he has lost his concentration, do the attack with the object you have on hand.

There you go! I hope this few tips on defending yourself would help you. Never think that you are weak, because you are born unique and definitely strong.

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