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Friday, April 27, 2012

Grooming Must Haves for Men


In the perspective of a woman, although attitude is what matters most, they do also count on physical features, specifically grooming. Grooming entails not being too vain, but speaks to a woman that a guy who is well-groomed is a guy who is well-mannered.Men don’t have to be as handsome like Brad Pitt, and it’s not absolutely necessary for them to have the six-packabs to get the girls gaga over him.There are just these simple rules that women look for in a guy for a first impression:

1.    Most women prefer men without beards and goatees. It’s a bit turn off for a guy with unshaved beard and with goatees clinging in his chin. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to shave entirely those hairs, as these features make you manly, but please do check it every now and then if it has grown too much.

2.    Our noses do have hairs that grow inside, but please do see a mirror when you feel some of it pops out in the open.

3.    There’s a certain part of a guy that is somewhat metrosexual, they can be vain at times. But it’s sort of a turn off if aguy’s face is whiter than his actual skin tone – he’s looking more like a vampire!

4.    Dress neatly and by this, it means have your clothes ironed. Women would fall for guys who look and appear neat. He, in the eyes of the women, already smells sweet even without any perfumes.

5.    Check your nails. Though women don’t look at your fingernails immediately but if in cases you give her something and she accidentally saw your nails untrimmed and dirty, expect her to think twice on your grooming habits, even if you’re looking drop dead gorgeous!

6.    Have your hairs done. Women are vain in terms of hair getups, and it’s no question why they would also love to see you with your hair neatly done. You don’t have to put on too much gels or clays, just make it look simple and tidy.

7.    Check on your breath. Even if you have the sweetest smile, or looking so handsome but your breath smells horrible, expect that woman to never talk to you ever again. Even if she’d do, expect her to faint because of holding her breath for long!

8.    Body Odour is the Total Turn Off! There are these women who find men sexy when they are sweating, but sweating with an uncontrolled odour is way disgusting! Always have perfumes on hand, in case you’ll feel that you smell offbeat.

9.    Cleaned shoes. This may be too much to ask, but it’s a part of preying yourself to women. Good looking guys are always beaten by well-groomed men.

10.    Hold yourself like a gentleman. What you are as a man would reflect on your physical aura. Women can tell if he or she is dealing with a good guy with the way you hold yourself.

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