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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to make the right career choice

(A Guide to High School Graduates)

Probably the biggest challenge for a teenager is to choose the career path he/she would go. Indeed it is, having been torn to many choices, especially when the options are promising enough. So, for someone who has just left the confines of his/her high school life, here’s some interesting tips you might want to consider in making good career choices:

1.    You should have set your career plans, who do you want to be?
It is always the common notion to follow what you want. Although it is good that you take good advices from the people surrounding you, it is always best to follow what you want. Take it from someone who has gone through a lot just because she hasn’t gone after what she dreamed of. Do not go after what is popular, you would surely excel in a field that you love, right?

2.    If you aren’t sure of what you really want, assess your skills. In what field are you good at? Math? Science? English? or anything that you are interested to.
No one knows you better than yourself, and you alone can tell what field you are good at.  From here, you may derive as to what career you would be heading.

3.    Why not take career assessment tests? Or listen very carefully during career guidance.
There are career guidance seminars that are given freely by different institutions. Take their words, one way or another it’ll help you sort out possibilities.

4.    Be practical.
Getting a college degree nowadays entails not only skills, sometimes or most of the times it requires good financial backing. If a four-year degree is something your family cannot figure out at the moment, there are two-year degrees that are being offered. After two years and you have landed a job, then pursue for the four-year degree. Anyway, education does not discriminate age, it accepts people of all ages.

5.    Do not see things as today; see yourself 4 years after you graduate. Would this career be as viable as it is today?
You are working on your future, and you do not want yourself be one of those who took the course and didn’t land at a job that is fitting to your degree. Take for example nursing, this course had become a fad for years and it was worthy to note that indeed it got a lot of high school graduates that time enrolled. After its popularity faded, with oversupplied nurses, Filipino nurses and nursing graduates resort to fields that were not even a major subject in the curriculum! So it is advisable to note as well the kind of field you want to pursue, is it long-lasting? Will there be no oversupplying of these? Is the industry still here after I graduate?
There may be a lot of advices that would flood down to your feet just to help you aid in this dilemma. Successful people starts with one small step, that single step of yours may lead you to a successful life or not, so be very careful in choosing. Regardless of the advices you’ll receive, at the end, it will always be your choice.. It should be your choice.

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