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Tuesday, May 1, 2012



When we were younger, we were made to believe fairy tale endings, “happy ever after”. When we grow older we fancied on romantic movies and novels. Then we have to snap back to reality. Those fancy things are just written by the same hopeless romantic writers like we all do. We do all search for a partner whom we can be with for the rest of our lives, whom we can share happiness and sadness, bitterness and success. In our quest for a great love story, we may stumble upon few people who for once, we thought could be the “one”, and yet end up just like any other passerby.

I know a couple who has just got married and just by merely looking at them together you can already tell that they were meant to be. I mean, their differences made it compatible that’s why they ended up marrying each other.

And then this other couple who have been together for like ten years and broke up! Imagining the years they were together with all the hardships they went through are now shattered up by just a single snap.

Now, the question is, how can we discern that the person we are having a relationship to, is the one you want to spend the rest your life with?

1.      Your relationship is healthy. There are relationships that are too monotonous, others are overly achieving and some are competitive. A healthy relationship is when both partners are supporters of each other. When both of you understands and heeds each other’s needs, that there’s no words to be spoken because one can sense that there is something wrong.

2.      He/She listens to you. The relationship is not one-sided. The other party listens while the other one is talking and vice versa.

3.      He/She respects you. Respect begets Trust and Love. Someone who respects you as a partner and as an individual is someone you can be assured of a happy marriage.

4.      He/She doesn’t have to put his/her best foot forward. A person who shows you his/her real self is someone you can entrust your life into, without worrying that the marriage you thought would be magical might turn out into a nightmare.

5.      He is respectful to his mother/ She is obedient to her parents. If you want to know the real attitude of your soon to be partner, observe how he/she behaves when he/she is with his/her family. People are more real when they are at their own homes.

6.      He/She is not controlling you. Do not settle for someone who wants to take control of your life. Always remember that you are born with free will, and no one can take that right from you.

7.      He/She is your bestfriend. The best relationships are those pillared in friendship. Intimacy will soon fade away as you grow older, and the only thing that’ll be left is your friendship. So be sure that this person is the one you can always confide secrets with and that you’re comfortable with him/her.

8.      You see your life with him/her years from now. There is nothing more sweetly and promising than seeing a life with the one you truly love, so if that’s what you see your life to be, then go for it.

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