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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Have Nice Shiny Silky Smooth Hair

Do you like the outdoors? Do you like the beach? Is your Hair getting unmanageable? There is a natural way of getting that silky smooth shiny hair, skip those chemicals and go natural. I am talking about mayonnaise. It has egg proteins that nourishes hair. Hair is after all made of keratin a fibrous structure of protein. Sometimes the fibers get torn or sun damaged the proteins from the mayonnaise will act as a filler to replace broken keratin fibers. This is specially good for people who like the beach the salt crystals if it dries up on the hair
acts as an abrasive and damages the hair plus salt crystals naturally attracts moisture thus leaving you with dry hair. Mayonnaise has oils which locks in moisture. Simply put mayonnaise on your hair for 15 minutes a day and rinse .Results usually show 2 weeks of continuous use. Skip the parlor and those expensive re-bond sessions and have silky smooth hair at the comfort of your home no harmful chemicals. =)

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