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Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Bye Butt Acne in 21 days!!!

Have you ever suffered from boils or butt acne. Is it giving you a hard time? Is the simple act of sitting down an ordeal, chances are you've got Keratosis Pilaris this happens when the sebaceous glands on your butt is blocked maybe because of poor circulation because you are sitting all day and you are getting a slightly calloused butt or maybe because of the cold weather and the pores are closed. Ok here are some remedies to help  get rid of butt acne.

1. Take a hot bath and gently cleanse and scrub the area.

2. Get a cotton and lactacyd feminine wash " yes for guys also" shake the Lactacyd. You could use disposable plastic gloves to prevent your hands from drying up. Apply Lactacyd on the affected area with cotton leave it for 15 minutes a day then rinse(try not to put some near your bumhole it is sensitive to exfoliation, you can do this bu putting some tape). Do this within one week and gradually skin will flake off. Lactic Acid acts an exfoliant much like Alpha Hydrolic Acids, used in spas to even up skin texture and tone. If your skin is sensitive you can use yogurt to exfoliate, it is much more gentler and expired ones would do although i suggerst leaving it  bit longer. 

3. Week 2 most probably skin started to flake off. Now we get to the getting the pus out. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide 10% solution to the affected areas. Again I suggest using plastic gloves to prevent your hands from drying up. The hydrogen peroxide will now enter open pores it will cause white spots coz it bubbles inside the pores while cleaning the pus. Do this for one week.

4. Week 3 the pus most probably loosened itself up already we need to apply apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar makes it easier for the pus to pop out. Apply apple cider vinegar with cotton again use plastic gloves. 

5. Week 4 you can gently scrub the area during a hot bath and notice some of the solidified pus easily removable. You can again apply yogurt or Lactacyd. Use sunflower oil to moisturize and lighten the blemishes. 

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