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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Business Ideas

If you are tired of the standard 9 to 5 office work. Getting bored of the routines? Maybe its time to start being an entrepreneur and be your own boss. This is for people who want follow their own rules and quit the rat race. Here are some business ideas you can start with which can be done at home.

1. Baking is fun to do of course you have to actually try your products first before you release it to the market.  Get the whole neighborhood hooked on your blue berry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, New York cheese cake etc.

2. Catering/Meals Bulk orders if you can cook you can cook huge platters of easy to mass produce food like paella, risotto, spaghetti or lasagna. You can have the customers pick it up at your home or better if you can deliver. Once they are hooked the neighborhood will flock into your door step. A major problem would be customers who would cancel orders. Best have a caller id and report a prank call. As your business grows create a customer database for your customers and a system that would give them email alerts.

3. Are you a good handy man and like to fix things? Professionalize your skills and enroll in short courses, may it be plumbing welding, carpentry, masonry, cell phone repair, computer repair, watch repair etc. You could be the person the whole neighborhood runs to.

4. Instructor, are you an expert in some sort of field martial arts, fitness, life coach, dance, music and employee training. A lot of people nowadays are looking for new things to do, give them new things to learn.

5. Back yard Agriculture, livestock is good but it can get problematic with the neighbors because of the smell. You could opt for backyard fish farming and vegetable farms. The water from the fish tank or pond can be drip cycled into your hydroponic garden used water from fish tanks is very good for growing plants or you can have the plants floating on the pond and create a miniature ecosystem. That would help benefit both the plant and the fish without you having to buy fertilizers. Hydroponic gardens can even be grown in apartment buildings and can be built using recycled materials.

6. Events/Wedding planner. Are you good in organizing parties? All you need is a phone and computer and lots of contacts. Your role is just the brain and the leg work. Usually people who hire planners are busy people this is ideal in a business district.

7. Accounting and book keeping. Yes it can be done at home. If you have an accounting background you can build an accounting firm from your home.  Make sure to make lots of calling cards. Get yourself known start with the neighborhood and work your way up to providing services to big businesses.

8. Laundry and Dry Cleaning. I know someone who gets huge bucks from this one. What she did was bought a minivan and lots of washing machines and buys a dry cleaning machine when she saved up. She contacted owners of restaurants in malls, hotels any establishment that needs laundry. She picks up the laundry herself and she just hired one person to operate the washing machines business has been good so far. Be sure to buy your soap and fabric conditioners in bulk. The good thing is that soap takes a long time to expire. If you want to save up on your water bills collect your rain water from the roof of your house into a tank and use that for laundry. Look into the internet the different kinds of stains and how to remove them.

9. Desktop publishing, photo editing invitation and calling card printing. Are you good with softwares like Corel Draw or Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop or gimp. Inkscape are  gimp are downloadable softwares free of charge but very powerful. You can do lay outing services for people who don’t have the time. Your investment would be a very good pc, high ram and high processing power, graphics usually demand a lot of processing and memory, and you need a good printer preferably with the continuous ink system a built in continous ink system so you can just buy ink per gallon and save on those expensive cartridges. You need to study different kinds of paper and how to work on them but you can start with simple jobs that can be done with a normal printer.

There are a lot lot more, you can create even something new, something unheard of, trust your ideas follow your creativity, learn and be successful. Humans are not created drones. We were created individuals with creative minds. =)

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