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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Military Hardware: Drone Warfare

Drone war fare is the latest in weapon’s technology. An unmanned vehicle is a good prevention for the loss of life of your troops and unlike missiles it can be recycled again and again unless of course it is shot down. Plus drone warfare evens up the odds of fighting against a country with huge army reserves. With countries trying to avoid using weapons of mass destruction as an equalizer, using drones is the better option to preserving their troops. Nowadays aircraft carriers are the benchmarks of power but still most planes on aircraft carriers are powered my people. Imagine aircraft carriers with squadrons of unmanned aerial vehicle they can go at speeds like mach 7 and
do maneuvers without the driver passing out which means more speed and more maneuverability provided however they provide good A.I. software and fast processing hardware to the unmanned vehicle. Mimicking the judgments of a human pilot or good communications with the remote controller pilot the plane can be controlled at a safe distance minus the time lag when controlling the plane remotely. With UAVs on board an aircraft carrier they can continuously decimate enemy forces without having to expose the pilot to danger therefore the pilot lives for another day with new tactics learned to avoid another loss of property, the UAV.

How to beat aircraft carriers? Solar/Nuclear powered self charging subs that could convert seawater as hydrogen fuel could replace aircraft carriers. These subs will serve as refueling stations for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that can float on water. Creating seaplanes has been done before it wouldn’t be far out in the future if combat drones are equipped with sea landing features. Economically speaking less metal plus being a sub it can be easier to hide than an aircraft carrier.

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