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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Guarantees Survival in the World these days

A few decades ago a college degree was enough to give you good paying jobs then a master's degree was quite rare. Nowadays a master's degree is very common a lot of college students end up jobless or getting jobs not related to their respective bachelor's degree. Bottom line is a college education nowadays cannot guarantee you to a good life. I call this age the age of entrepreneurs and freelancers where they can juggle multiple jobs at once or employ themselves,  very versatile people open to almost any sort of challenge. Lately
I have been encountering people like these with arrays of skills they seem to be thriving even in recession. Like web developer here, photographer and graphic artist there, chef at night. This way people will have many money making alternatives and wont get affected easy if one thing does not work, also this money making model is ideal for people who don't wanna do boring redundant things. I've heard a lot of call center agents get bored with their work although the pay is high, it doesn't erase the fact that most of them are becoming pessimistic with their lives. The only way to get rid of the mindless drone pessimistic attitude is to become more dynamic and subject yourself to multiple experiences which can enrich not only the pockets but also the soul.

Nowadays it is a very viable alternative to just enroll in short courses that will suit your current needs than in a full pledged college. It will help a person become versatile from the start, though our versatility increases with our life experience a head start is always good. 

The ones that survive aren't necessarily the strongest nor the smartest but the ones who are able to adapt to any situation. =)

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