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Monday, January 23, 2012

Conspiracy Theory: Railway Conspiracy Mindanao

Conspiracy Theory: Railway Conspiracy Mindanao

Mindanao is a place of abundant natural resources, beautiful spots and agricultural products, but why isn’t it progressive? One of the problems would be accessibility from city to city. This hampers tourism and transport of goods the current transport system which requires the use of highways with bad roads more expensive to travel for anyone.

Mindanao was proposed to be connected by railways. It was part of its proposed developments since way back but political clans owning stakes in businesses like bus liners realized their businesses would be affected if railways opened. If the transport of goods would be easier to the general public they will lose majority of their market share in the transport sector. That’s why we don’t have railways in Mindanao. It is because a few people blocked its development for their own agenda. Railways could drastically improve the economy by the free flow of goods from city to city and giving easy access to tourist spots.  That means more people would financially happy, which also means fewer rebels and fewer insurgents. Plus the cheap transportation and cost of goods would get the investors flocking. Education reaching remote areas would eventually lead to the creation high value products which will further reduce our need to exploit the natural resources. Currently students have to cross mountains and bodies of waters on foot just to get to their school wasting valuable study time. Good transportation will lead to fast development. It’s like giving the body new arteries to provide the body with much needed nourishment.

The needs of the many far outweighs the wants of a few.

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