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Friday, January 13, 2012

Jobs that will get you the ladies

OK here goes you are a guy, you just graduated from high school, you still haven't decided what career to take but you love meeting the ladies. Here are some jobs that can increase your "encounters". =D

1. Makeup/artist - Not much action here you need to pretend to be a sissy but at least you can get into dressing rooms.

2. Fashion photographer - Get hot chicks to pose for you.

3. Masseur - get those magical hands at work and get some massage courses. With today's fast paced stressful world the ladies need a good massage. Better yet be a fitness instructor/masseur to narrow down your choices to the hot stuff.

4. Custom lingerie designer - Study dress/lingerie making and get snug fit measurements for your clients. =)

5 Gynecologist - Nah I wouldn't recommend it. It destroys your imagination of a good p.... .

Damn I Love Freelance!!!

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