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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monster World Tips Part 2

Monster World Tips Part 2

Making More Money

Try to reach level 44 about that time you will have the Girly Eyes Plant that plant is one of the highest yielding plants in terms of cash and it can be harvested in 4 hours.  Its yield is slightly higher than the chocolate plant. Good for busy people because you don’t need to check on it too much if it is ready to harvest or not.  But I suggest that you gradually shift your strategies to the one I will write below.

Monster World Strategy for Patient People

This strategy will give high returns but the payback will be a bit longer. First you need to get woogoo pump at least the long wait will be worth it with the constant daily inflow of woogoo. You need to get around 500 pieces of plant per kind. Forget the plant market and sell whatever you can to Robert aside from money which is higher than the normal market value he will give you more woogoo. It means you need to need to plant slow growing plants first and reach a level of 500 use the money making strategy using the girly eyes to rack up on your number of plots, keep buying plants and décor until you are satisfied. The strategy for patient people would work better the more you have plots.  

Additional Strategy

Also if you need you need happiness points free of charge always give the baby its whim and it will give you high value decors for free. The more friends you have the faster the game will progress always give gifts to each other and always ask help for team mates. Asking for help and giving gifts will make the game generate free items. And almost always if you wanna buy decors the seasonal decors on the decors menu the far right options next to Path and river will give you a nice amount of happiness points in comparison with the standard décor always compute happiness points/amount the higher the value the more it is worth it and yes I remind you again do not sell to Roberta unless it is part of a mission. She’s a waste of woogoo and the plant selling value depreciates when you create a new products Stick with selling plants for the meantime.

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