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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monster World Tips

Monster World Tips

How to Get Money Fast?
The highest yielding plant in terms of cash in a short amount of time would be the glass plant but it will not give you experience points. The second would be the lemonade plant. But these plants are very time consuming and tedious to plant you have to wait for better plants and the magic begins at level 30 which I’ll discuss later. When you are below level 30 your plants will not earn much money so we will squeeze whatever money we can from it. The first thing you got to do is maintain the number of plant  pieces equal or more than the number of plots on your garden why because Robert the sales robot accepts only random
plants and he pays better than the marketplace which will open after a few levels and its better to be ready with selling s Below level 30 try to sell as much as possible to Robert and stuff to Robert gradually increase your minimum threshold for reserve inventory. If you reached level 30 this is where the good part begins. You will get the chocolate flower at level 30 it can be sold at 30 coins per flower which can be created within 2 hours only this is the crop of the highest value and it’s not much of a hassle to plant and replant unlike the first 2 plants the glass plant and lemonade plant which you can also get a considerable sum if you are not lazy planting. Generously plant, harvest and replant chocolate flowers this will be your number one cash cow. In the evening of course when you the player is going to sleep you should use this time to grow slow growing plants. Like pizza anything around 14 hours would do Do not sell yet on Roberta unless of course not until the mission requires it. Roberta consumes a lot of woo goo.  You will first need to stabilize your woogoo production.

How to get Woogoo
 Robert gives woogoo from time to time, an essential in this game which is too expensive to manufacture.  Woogoo fuels your candy factory from Roberta. 1st you need to create a woogoo pump upper right of your enclosure se the two vacant lots click it and add the 9000 coin worth woogoo pump. I definitely would not suggest a windmill at this point and the robot so whatever you do do not buy those yet. The windmill creates woogoo at a faster rate but it would require you to deposit lots of plants, too expensive I think. I strongly suggest you rely on woogoo from Robert and the baby monster which you can encounter at below level 30. I suggest you spoil this kid monster because it will give you lots of items for free and nicer items when a whim is fulfilled anything from woogoo, houses, magic wands coins the baby can generate a lot of interesting and useful items. Next if you wanna gamble for 2500 woogoo try gambling at the cactus strike tent woth around 5400 coins but make sure you have considerable woogoo around 300 to get a shot at winning the 2500 woogoo but I think the gambling price is worth it. You can win prices other than woogoo in here.  

Make sure you buy a good décor from time to time in the décor store this will enable you to utilize the plots you bought. The computation for good décor would not just rely on appearance. The décor should have a high heart per price value to maximize the amount of plots you can activate.  Don’t worry about this, once you have the chocolate and marshmallow plants racking up cash and buying decors would be a breeze.

Monster World Tips part 2

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