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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alternative jobs for nursing graduates


The Nursing Industry in the Philippines is declining, not because it has shortages but because there is an overproduction of Registered Nurses. Let’s date back when this college course was very rampant. Most of my co-graduates and my other friends were taking up nursing. Why? Because some thought it was the best way to land a job in the US, some were forced by their parents, some were forced by their peers and some were undecided what to take and just took it because it was the latest.

Actually, I was one of those who took this course because it was the “craze” during my time. That was my reason, I want to wear the white uniform but I dislike hospital ambience. For me, it was sort of a status to wear the white nursing uniform. I didn’t think of what was going to happen after graduation, because I was having a good time anyway while I was studying. Not to boast, but I did have pretty good grades while studying Nursing, considering it wasn’t the course I liked.After graduation, I took the licensure exams and passed it. It was happy moment though, but it was also the time I realize that I am a Nurse and I can’t turn my back against it. I will be heading my future with this career. So like any other newly licensed nurses, we underwent training (and we paid for our training!). After the training, I am home bound again. I and my friends who were as well unemployed nurses sought for jobs at different hospitals, but all our applications were turned down. Why? Because even the hospitals require experiences! How are we supposed to gain experience when we weren’t given the chance to work in the first place?

What I went through after passing the board exams are probably the same scenarios with other Nurses. With the US government closing its doors for Philippine Nurses, and Middle East Nursing Job hiring gets stricter and stricter, it is indeed dreadful that after four years of studying the course, a year of review with the hurdles of running after your C.I’s for the requirements and finally getting your license, you are bounded home – unemployed.

Do not be discouraged with what is happening, because I tell you, you are not alone.. There are other nurses as well who are unemployed and been seeking jobs for years. However, do not close your doors to other opportunities, though you are a Licensed Nurse, it doesn’t mean that your skills and knowledge are only confined with the Nursing Profession. There are a lot of other jobs out there and a lot of companies who are more than willing to accept your applications. Trust me, it’s more fun working in an office setting than in the hospital. Here’s a list of other job alternatives for unemployed nurses who would like to try different fields:

I know it’s common and I know a lot Nurses taking on with this job. Why do Nurses resort to this industry? Well, first it offers high paying salary. Second, it has shifting schedules and we Nurses are adaptable to that, right? The medium language used is English; Nurses do wish that they be employed to US hospitals, what better way to start practicing the language than make it as your source of livelihood. The principles of therapeutic communication can be applied when you are dealing with your client. Call center jobs are not that far out from your nursing profession, it’s just that there is no medication and definitely no lives at stake!

It’s common as well that Nurses resort to this job, because most tutoring agents are paid hourly. If you have taken your IELTS review then you can better use and practice the skills, plus you get to meet different cultures. Most of the students for English tutorial are Japanese, Korean or Chinese. I’ve been asked once to do tutor, but it was not really my cup of tea, so I declined.

There are certain companies who hire Nurses as part of their industry. I was employed as a Company Nurse at a Resort and was also an HR Personnel. So I get to use my profession as well while being introduced to a new field which is personneling. It was hard at the beginning because you have to learn the basics, I mean with all the recruitment processes and the papers and the payroll and all the stuffs. But it was rewarding that you gain additional knowledge and skills apart from you being a Nurse. And you already have the option to pursue your profession or track another career.

If the medical field is something you don’t want to shy away, consider marketing medications. You are way more advanced than other candidates because of your background being a Nurse.

When you’re blessed with good looks and a good height, why not try this job. Airlines would surely want Nurses to attend to their passengers. Aside being able to provide emergency treatment, in case, we are also known to be good caregivers so we will be able to give their passengers a comfortable flight.

If you are not yet called up for an interview or you want to hold your time, try doing online jobs. There are a bunch of employers here and abroad who are more than willing to hire you. Start with some typing skills, or if you’re good in writing, do article writing or blogging. What’s even good in here is that you will be paid bigger than your salary as a Nurse, plus you acquire more skills in the Web Industry.

If you’re lucky enough to be hired at hotels as their front desk receptionists, well that’s good for you. Nursing skills may be applied in this field as you are to deal with different people with different cultures. Your patience may be tested here as well.

Actually fellow Nurses, there are a lot of other jobs that are available for us. Do not confine yourselves to the limits of you being a Nurse. Try to stretch your wings, there is always a good opportunity for anyone who put up efforts to find it.

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