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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jennifer Aniston


She’s one of the famed actresses in the Hollywood and one of the most talked about. Jennifer Aniston is my favourite actresses of all time. I’ve watched her on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, and get to know more about her when she and then husband, Brad Pitt. I was a kiddo then when I first heard about Brad Pitt, being the hunkiest and handsome man in Hollywood and indeed being married to him is what every girl’s fantasy at that time.

Jennifer Aniston was one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood. Not only because of the personal she has had with estranged husband, Brad Pitt, but also because she embodies the refined “it” girl in Hollywood. She is a versatile actress who can go from classy, to funny to melodramatic – she has it. She also has that sweet, innocent face and a stunning body.But when news broke that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston finally called it quits in 2005 because of infidelity issues he had with co-star in Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Angelina Jolie, all sympathies go with her. Since then, the constant comparing of Jen and Angelina has been making it in the tabloids, in entertainment news and even to Forbes list!

People would always think that there is bitterness that lingers in Jen having separated with Brad, but I don’t think she has had. Even before the news broke out, she had been mum about it. There were even reports of reunion of Brad and Jen. Even I, as a fan would wish that their romance be given another chance, but if their chemistry is not patching up why push it so hard? It’s a good thing though that she and Brad had divorce because I guess it was sort of a way to find herself again. After her divorce with Brad, she have had relationships which was unluckily didn’t work out. That’s a good thing with being a single because you are able to mingle and find the right person to really settle with, and that seemed to be happening with her present beau – Justin Theroux.

Now that Brad Pitt and Angelina have been engaged, the media are dying to get reactions from Jen, which I think is no longer appropriate. She and Brad Pitt had been separated for seven years now and it’s a pretty sure thing that they both have moved on, right? Why dig in so much and why try putting up wars against these two lovely ladies when they both have lived their lives now. Jen, now 42, is reportedly will tie the knot with present boyfriend Justin Theroux whom she met and fell in love with during their taping with their movie Wanderlust.

With that good news, Jen and Justin will soon wed probably by July. She was spotted looking for some good sites in Crete, Greece. Jen and her current beau Justin Theroux seen happily together, it is worthy to connote that she indeed had found a real and new love.

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