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Wednesday, May 2, 2012



The Sims Social is an online game on Facebook and is basically more on “social stuffs”, like meeting new friends, starting your own home, buying new gadgets or appliances. It’s like a real life situation, just that it happens fast and if you’re good enough to get simoleons and energy packs, then your road to riches in this game is easy.

Well, I just knew about this game when my boyfriend told me to play this one. It’s just easy, go to the application, get your sim’s character dressed up – make use of this opportunity to dress up your character, because the next time you want to change it, you’ll have to pay for it. I was so stupid not to dress up my sim’s character the way I wanted and I have to deal with her “rockstar” character with white hair and mini skirt. Awkward, right?

For starters, you’ll have your own house with a bed, a shower and other stuffs. There will also be unpacked packages, so you have to open it. I think you will be given a guitar for you to get some simoleons. Simoleons serve as your money, to get simoleons you have to upgrade your mood, your personal needs like bathing, peeing, sleeping, etc. Also, you can have your simoleons if you have skills, like guitar. Just click the guitar and you’ll play it. You will be asked some options so you choose one. When you click an activity, your energy will be deducted. Initially, you will have 15 energy packs.

Now, what you have to do is shop. I know you don’t have money yet, however, make use of some free items in the shopping list. One of the free items is the computer, and you don’t have to ask anyone to help you out in unpacking it. Your computer will be added to your skills, which means you’ll have another option to get simoleons.

The goal of the game is to upgrade your house and your lifestyle, making it fabulously good. One strategy is to make many friends and neighbors at Sim’s. Because everytime you visit a friend in their houses, you will receive 5 bonus energy. Remember that energies are essential in the game to keep you doing some skills which would yield to simoleons and other gifts.

One strategy to get money and experience points is to visit your friends. Explore their garden plots and search for plants that are not fully grown. Water these plants, and every time you do it will give you 20 simoleons and 1 experience point. If you have to use your extra five bonus energy packs by watering the plants, it will yield you 100 simoleons and 5 experience points.

Energy packs are hard to earn, and if you’re nearing zero and you want to level up, you’ll have to go to one of your friends’ house and make your sims interact with each other. Simple interactions will yield increase in level. If you’re sim’s character needs some personal attention, let the character by itself so you won’t have to use your energy packs.
If you have garnered enough simoleons, then buy new stuffs for your house. Buy smartly. Most of the stuffs you buy are packed and would need some items for it to be opened. So it is wise to have lots of friends and neighbors at Sims Social. Because whenever you need help, they’ll be ready to extend a hand.

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