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Tuesday, May 15, 2012



One of the essentials of being a human is to live. By living that means to survive and by surviving means to meet our basic needs. Our basis needs are somehow not given freely, and that is something we have to work for. Our parents give out the best they can to give us a good education.

Our perception of education is something that will bring us to greater heights or something that’ll lead us to the right job. However, some people who had finally landed their dream jobs or perhaps just having a job, would later on find out that what they have isn’t what would make them happy even if they’ve been paid more than enough. There are really some things that money can’t buy.. Job satisfaction is measurable not in terms of achieving your goals alone, it may be measured in terms of the benefits you receive, your job security, career advancement or a work-life balance. Regardless of which measures that’ll make you satisfied with your job, what matters is that it makes you look forward to waking up each day. Here are some of the fun jobs that are good examples of having the best of fun and pleasure:

1.      Luxury Bed Tester
Who wouldn’t want to lie down to a luxurious bed with the convenience of lying or sleeping freely and get to be paid just to give good feedbacks for the companies to earn potential clients? I do! This job won’t give you a whole lot of stress! In fact you have the benefit to try it firsts before anyone does! Cool isn’t it?

2.      Candy Tester
Who wants candy? Another job that is enjoyable and one of the jobs I would want to try at least once in my life that is I’d be given a chance, is being a Candy Tester. What do these people do? Well, they just have to sit and test the candy/candies made by candy corporations. High compensation is another plus for this fun job.

3.      Cellphone Tester
For someone who wants to be updated with the latest technology, especially cellphones, well this high paying job is the one for you. You get to test the new gadget for a month, and then you have to write something about it. Not only you’d be technologically updated, you get to be paid in big bucks!

4.      Astronaut
Anyone would wish that they be able to travel the outer space. In fact, it’ll be probably be included in your bucket list. Mind you, astronauts are being paid luxuriously. Salaries may range from $65,140 per year to $100,701 per year. What else would you ask for? Only few would get the chance – only few!

5.      Magician
An entertainer, an illusionist, well it might look as a tough job for a magician. But it sure is one fun job to me! Magicians can earn $49,000 per year plus they get to amaze people with their tricks. It’s way more fun to see people surprised and making them believe that there’s magic, right? It’s pretty fun to know that these people think that you have these powers that lets u do impossible things.

6.      Sports Players
Be it in any kind of sports, these players always have the best jobs in the world. Why? Because sports is playing, and by playing means that you are enjoying! I always envy sports players because they get to play, which is their job, and at the same time earn big bucks and a bonus of fame. Super cool, right?

7.      Entertainers
Like sports, entertainers (singers, dancers, actors/actresses), seemed like a fun job. Well, first this job doesn’t require formal education. Second, you get to do what you always wanted to do. You get to sing, if singing is your passion. You get to dance or act if it’s really what you ever wanted. Being an entertainer may require you lots and lots of your time plus a life that is no have privacy, still, it’s a job that is fun and pleasurable.

8.      Ferrari Driver Instructor
It may sound unattainable, but you can derive from it. An instructor can earn up to $120,000 annually for teaching Ferrari racers and those who want to be in it.

9.      Baby Sitter
Babies are so adorable. You may get irritated at them very often because you can’t get them to sleep, but still when you see them smile, it just takes your breath away even if they aren’t your child. It may be a strenuous activity for some, but can be very fun and challenging. And take note, babysitters aren’t paid less either.

10.  My Job - Writer
Currently, I am into writing. And I’ve never had so much fun that being a writer. This is where you can express freely of yourself, get your opinions be heard and be the author of your own articles plus I get paid bigger than those of office positions plus I get to manage my own time. And I get to write down these fun jobs.

Whatever your job is regardless of the compensation, as long as you’re having the best of it and its making you wake up each day with a smile in your face, then count it in as one of the fun jobs you have ever had, because in a lifetime it isn’t like every day that you get to do what you really want.

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