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Thursday, May 3, 2012



Everything about heroes is quite trending these days. This is accountable to the release of the highly anticipated movie, The Avengers. With the advent of hero things these days, it’s worthy to note that even in real life we do need heroes.

We need heroes for a variety of reasons. One of which, we are highly infested with villains. Evil minds like Loki hold power in some high positions in different government institutions all over the world. Many people would succumb to the provisions of these silent dictators just to keep themselves in the safe zone. However, there are these people who have strong convictions to stand up against these dictators. They may not be prominent today, but these great people will soon emerge.

We need heroes because the people we thought would help the needy are the very people abusing them. These people work independently and fund their own works in order to extend help. These people need no publicity, because true heroes are the ones who work in silence.

 We need heroes because at times we are weak. We need someone to look up to and be our strength. When we were young, we used to dream of being a superhero, right? Having supernatural powers and doing extraordinary stuffs. I must admiteven up to now that I am older, I still sometimes do wish that I was as strong as Hulk or be flexible like Black Widow, especially when faced with so much adversities or when I just had some big fight with someone.

We need heroes to motivate us. Heroes are seen as people who are usually defeated in their own real lives. They are one of those defenseless people who were chosen to receive supernatural powers. In reality, we can derive from this. Difficulties in our lives are instances that make us strong; the supernatural powers we receive are the learning we get as we go through these rough times. All strong people have been weak before they’ve gotten strong and so do us.

We need heroes because they remind us of our own limitations. With our belief in heroes that they are strong we derive from their strength. “Even heroes have the right to bleed”, we are reminded that they too are limited, so are we.

We all need heroes, be it a hero or number of heroes. It is not idolatry when we sometimes believe in them. The belief of heroes also makes us responsible – we should be responsible who to believe and the limits of our beliefs.

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