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Friday, May 18, 2012

Save money on your car purchase!!!

Save money when buying a car!

Ok here's the thing many of us buy cars but we are really paying much much more than we should. Many of us would fall for a sales agent's sweet talk. Here are the most important tips on how to get the best deal on cars


Usually when buying a car we pay in installments. The best thing to do is go straight to a bank and ask around what banks can give the least interest for car loans. Never ever ask a sales agent to do the financing terms for you or never let the car company do the financing in house. Usually the interest rate of the Financing terms increases when done with the sales agents because the sales agents have tie ups with some financing groups and banks so that they could get a cut. Usually the difference of the interest rate in direct to bank and fixed by sales agents is significantly huge. Take your time to look for a bank who can give you the best terms.


When getting a car insurance go to your trusted Insurance firm. Again when you let car sales agents handle the insurance you are sure to pay more than what you should pay for. Get the Insurance Directly from the
insurance company and yes the rates can be negotiable. Lastly ask the sales agent if you can get a discount if you dont accept the freebies. Usually freeies arent really freebies sales agents usually have partners outside to do the tints etc of course they just outsource that but they can magnify the original price of it. Sometimes they put tints of neverheard of brands that are uber cheap generic brands. Whereas you can find someone who can tint th car with better brands at almost the same price or lower.

But of course if you are too lazy to look and do the legwork go ahead and let the agent do it.

General Tip: Buy something that you are capable of buying in cash, but you can have it financed not because you don't have the money yet but because you are busy utilizing that extra money to make more money. Financing will help you have more time to utilize your extra money for other purposes.

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