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Tuesday, May 15, 2012



In our ever changing world, one industry might be the in demand for a moment and then become the least the next time. In a world that is uncertain, it is best to keep upbeat with what’s hottest, so as not to shatter your investments. As we know, industries are changing so does the value for every dime that we have. Be quick and be wise when you try to divulge yourself to into something. Risks are always around and the losing is very inevitable. Competition is extremely tight. For some references you might want to consider the listing below.

1. Computer – based Industries.
This industry has been one of the most important industries to this date. Big or small corporations rely mostly on computers. This industry is also one of the fast pacing, and it’s a must that one has to keep track on the changes. Fastest growing components include:
a. Software Publishers – businesses that are involved in the production and distribution of computer software. In demand workers are Programmers, Computer Software Engineers, Computer Systems Software Engineers, Computer Support Specialists.
b. Computer Systems Design and Related Services – businesses providing computer systems like Custom Programming, Computer System Design, Facilities Support, Disaster Recovery and Software Installation.

2. Internet based Industries / E-Commerce
With the increasing demand and dependence of people on internet, it is without a doubt that this industry is fast pacing. This industry as well, is one of those industries that is constantly changing, thus it is also a must that people engaging in E-Commerce be constantly adept with it. Internet Services, Data Processing, and Other Information Services are one of the key players in the industry. These are the providers of internet services and information processing. Occupations that are mostly found in this industry include Computer Programmers, Computer Software Engineers, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Systems Analysts, Customer Service Representatives, Data Entry and Information Processing Workers.

3. Alternative Energy Providers
It’s a known fact that energy consumption has gotten bigger and bigger as the world population gets larger. Traditional forms of energy source, is gradually decreasing and becoming scarce at some areas. Alternative forms in getting energy source is an increasing demand, an energy source that is renewable and with lesser possibility of depletion.

4. Investment Banking
Companies who have been sitting on a secured seat at their own respective industries might find it worth in doing merger and acquisition activity, which will profit the big investment banks.

5. Real Estates
There are a lot of prominent people who have come far because of real estates. People are becoming more and more interested in engaging investments that are rather appreciating through time. Various farm lands/ agriculture lands have been transformed into commercial lots offering prime lots to potential buyers. The industry is growing since acquiring a real estate have become easier because of the payment planning with the aid of housing programs of government institutions.

6. Car Manufacturing and Retailing
Aside from real estate, people have also added owning a car as part of their necessity. Car loans and car purchasing has become accessible and attainable to may because of the various programs being offered by many banking institutions with lesser interests. Owning a car is important these days, for some varied reasons. People who live farther needs cars not only for its convenience but also for travelling purposes should commuting may seem not to be feasible.

7. Health Care Services and Ambulatory Health Care Services
Along with an ever-changing technology is the increased susceptibility to diseases. Health care services are projected to be a one of the fastest growing industries because people are found to be sicklier and most elders are being admitted to home care facilities for better management. The Health Care Services are those establishments that provide social and personal care for those having limited ability to take care of themselves. Ambulatory Health Care Services are outpatient care facilities that may cater blood and organ banks, smoking cessation programs and ambulances. Occupations commonly found in this industry are Nurisng Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants; Nurses (Registered, Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational); Counselors; Social Workers and Child Care Workers.

8. Video Games
People nowadays, especially the younger generation doesn’t take play as those that they do in the streets. Play for them today meant video games and online gaming. This industry is seen to be evolving in a rapid pace since it has to adopt with the new technology with an increasing number of older players and more females playing video games.

9. Dividend Stock Investing
This industry has long been running for decades. Dividend stock investing is a conservative way of investing your money in the stock market. In investing, choose companies that have a solid history of 10 years or more of rising dividends low payout ratios and increasing earnings. It would definitely take one great risk taker and a stable economy to make things in equilibrium in this kind of industry. However, regardless of the risks that are attached to this industry are great returns. It’s a growing industry since many people are becoming knowledgeable in this business.

10. Financial Planning and Advice
Many people who take investing as a smart way to keep their earnings with the benefit of a passive income. As this industry is increasing, so does financial advisors who can provide and guide well these aspiring investors.

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