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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Breakup Survival Guide

Breakup Survival Guide

By far the one of the most heart breaking situation a person can be is the pain of breaking – up. It is never easy and sometimes you would even doubt yourself if you’re still be capable of loving someone that is if your relationship is something that is serious. But if the relationship you have had is something that is more than friends and not close enough to serious relationship, hhmm..well I don’t see hardships in breaking up. Anyway, for those who are experiencing the pain of a break-up, here’s a 3-DaySurvival Tips for you:

Day 1

1. After your last conversation ended last night, and had the relationship really put into an end, the first thing you do after you wake up is pray. Pray to God that you’ll be able to get by and be strong enough to go through the pain.

2. Cry. It’s really normal to cry dear, so let it out. Do not double jeopardize yourself by pretending to be okay when deep inside you’re hurting.

3. Talk to people you can confide with. Aside from they want to comfort you, they would want to listen what happened. These people for sure are one of the witnesses of your relationship, so they would be more than willing to listen to you.

4. If you want to hang out then go, if you want to sober alone then let it be. It’s your preference on how to deal with it on the first day. But at least do something that’ll make you forget somehow of the pain.

5. Sleep. Well, one of our sweetest escapes from all our anxieties, fears and pain is sleeping. I’ve been there, and all I did was to sleep almost the whole day.

Day 2

1. The pain still lingers on, right? Early it may seem but try to find some good stuff you can do to divert your attention. Do things your sort of hesitant to do.

2. On my second day, I was able to get by with the pain. Though it’s still there, but it somehow lessened. Why? I did some realizations on the first day. He’s not meant for me, why settle for someone who can’t keep up with me? Also, my mom told me that I was able to live 19 years of my life (I was 21 then) without him why live as though I lost everything? So what you have to do is to live your life before you two had become an item.

3. Rejuvenate yourself. I had some haircut when I was broke. Women would always turn to salons if they have problems related to the heart. According to some girls I know who were broke as well, the best revenge you can give to your ex is to BE BEAUTIFUL!

4. Do something that’ll satisfy you. Anything, be it a food, shopping, drinking or partying. Anything that’ll make you realizethat there’s life after a heart break.

5. Remove the things that will remind you of him/her temporarily and that includes avoid communicating with him/her. It’s not bitterness, because you’ll just have to do it in the meantime your hurt. If you want to be reminded of him/her again you can show it after you already had moved on or you’re ready to face him/her and be friends well then let time heal all the wounds first so there’d be no bitterness and blaming.

Day 3

1. Surround yourself with happy people. When you’re happy there’d be a little room for your sadness. You’ll soon realize that the pain you’ve been feeling for the last two days is slowly fading.

2. Constantly keep yourself busy – in a healthy way. If you are working, do not let a single thought pre-occupy you and the pain. After work, go out with friends or go to the gym. It’s not an everyday habit, but at least do something to divert..always divert dear.

3. Be reunited with your family. When we are in a relationship, we sometimes forget to be with the very people who have been with us since we were born. Hang out with them, they are the first people who would understand you and will be beside you all the time with or without you telling them to do so.

4. If the pain still lingers, give yourself a retreat. Do soul searching if it pleases you.

There you go. I guess the only key start to moving on is to Divert. Others may think that memories would flash back, though no matter how hard you try to keep yourself busy. Well, the flashbacks are the reasons why we constantly get hurt. I am not telling you to suppress, just divert. Eventually you will get used to the flashbacks and the hurt, that you’ll realize that you are no longer hurting after all. It’s just a matter of determination to move on.

Sure it is hard, but keep your faith in God. You may probably think that we only remember God when we are in a hard situation, God puts up into trials to remind us that we are only humans and there’s no one can lift us up other than Him and yourself. I’ve proven it a hundred times, and the more I cry unto him, the closer I get to God, the smaller my problems are.

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