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Saturday, May 12, 2012



Well, the Kardashians always have that certain seat in the entertainment industry. Many are pissed off why these chicks get some media attention and have them write about them. Amongst the three sisters and one brother aside from the two other sisters from Mr. Jenner, Kim Kardashian has the most publicity. Whenever I scroll over yahoo news, I always see news regarding Kim. Why is this so?

1.      Is she a singer? No, definitely not! She tried recording a song (which I saw in their reality tv show), and it was sort of not okay.

2.      Is she an actress? So far, haven’t heard Kim is into acting. So, that doesn’t qualify her as an actress.

3.      Is she a politician? In one of the episodes of her tv show, she told her sister Khloe she plans to run for Mayor in 5 years. So, she’s not a politician, an aspiring politician perhaps.

She’s not a singer, not an actress and definitely not a politician, what makes her famous then? That too kept me bugging. She’s a Reality TV Star that’s a sure thing. Perhaps her fame is garnered not only in her reality tv show which has an average of three million viewers on its sixth season but also of the media who kept making simple stories about her seem big and the people who dislike Kim or any Kardashian be seen in the news. It’s sort of funny reading the comments of the people who complains about Kim being in the news and yet actually reading the news about her.

I watched for some time their reality show where the viewers get to check their everyday lives and nothing so special about it. I’ve seen her mom manipulating their lives, wanting Kourtney to get married, her mom officiating a wedding and stuff – still nothing special.

Of all the Kardashians, Kim is the prettiest that probably got her more media attention than any of her sisters. A survey was once made asking what a perfect woman looks like, after combining distinct characters of beautiful celebrities like Angelie Jolie, and guess what the perfect woman looks like – Kim! She also has the nicer figure amongst them. Her love life as well was a whirl wind with her marrying Kris Humphries in a star-studded and televised marriage and then suddenly a divorce after a 72-day marriage. Actually, the divorce is yet in progress since Kris Humphries is delaying the divorce process saying that he wants annulment rather divorce because their marriage was a fraud.

Months after Kim reportedly filed a divorce; she was seen going out with Kanye West. Reports told that Kim actually was one of the reasons why Kanye and his former girlfriend separated because Kanye was secretly in love with Kim. This week, sister Kourtney just gave a hint regarding the status of the Kim and Kanye love affair, stating it is what you see it is.

Do I seem like that I am among the millions of viewers who keep up with the Kardashians? Nah, I just love entertainment news, and Kim happens to be the news so I have no choice but to keep up with her.

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