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Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to be a superhero


Being a superhero entails not just super powers because in reality, super powers really don’t exist, at least not yet. With the advent of technology, superpowers would be in reality in the future. In the meantime, we can be our own super heroes. Before we start off, how is a certain person be called a hero? Well, we define hero as someone who sacrifices his/her own welfare for the good of others. Heroes are the few people who stand amidst adversity and shows courage, right?

It’s a pretty sure thing that most people have seen “The Avengers”. Though some of its characters are fictional, we can derive from their deeds because their actions with/without superpowers are heroic in nature.

Suiting up like these heroes doesn’t make one a hero. Do deeds that people may call you a hero. You can be a hero in your own ways:

1.      Stand up when everyone is weak enough to stand for what is right. Heroes are always seen as someone who is strong. Being physically strong doesn’t guarantee you a hero. Strong convictions are usually the driving force why heroes emerge. Consider the characters of Superhero movies; they are always driven by one good thing. Find that one strong and good principle that is for the benefit of the many not just yours, and stand for it.

2.      Help the needy. This one good thing would always be the first deed that’ll pop out into our minds when it comes to being a hero. Of course, heroes are called heroes because they help people other than their own selves. 

3.      Make someone or other people happy. It’s not every day that we meet people who can make us happy. You know it’s seldom, so be a source of happiness to others.

4.      Do good deeds without asking for anything in return. Heroes are two-faced. One that is natural and another is their superhero form. They are unrecognizable when you see them in the streets. They just do good deeds without the need of being recognized in their true form. Apparently, in reality you can do same. I’ve seen someone who did something extraordinary. She gave free foods to street children. She’s not a prominent person, just an ordinary citizen who was kind enough to give a parcel of her blessings to the needy. Heroes are like that right?

5.      A sacrifice is not a real big thing when done voluntarily. Have things done not because you are supposed to do, but do things because you just want to. Remember what Iron Man did? He sacrificed himself to save the earth from being captured by the evils of the outer space. And it wasn’t so much a big stuff for him, right?

Our world needs heroes. We need people who are benevolent, selfless and giving who doesn’t need much recognition. We must admit, we are invested with villains, and only these heroes can rescue us from someone who has evil thoughts like Loki.

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