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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

A lot of people, politicians, religious groups and organizations are debating whether or not to allow same sex marriage. Should we really allow it? Should we support it?

The world is rapidly changing. We are all for freedom, liberty and self expression. Freedom should be the ultimate direction of all humanity but are we really ready to make that transition phase.

I was born into a family of Catholics and at a very young age we were taught that homosexual relationships and same sex marriage is not acceptable.  I am a straight guy I think same sex marriage is weird. And yes common sense tells me it is wrong in a procreative standpoint. Just recently certain events in my life began to make me question what I was taught which includes this one.

We were also taught that the ultimate form of goodness is love. Why can’t we just let 2 people express their love for each other then? I still don’t like the idea of same sex marriage but I think if in fact marriage is a proof of strengthening love and love is the goal of spiritual growth then why not?

In a medical perspective if we encourage monogamy in gay people just like in heterosexual people the rise of sexually transmitted infections the likes of HIV and Aids will be significantly mitigated. Marriage is a symbol of fidelity and monogamy and sexual activity within the confines of marriage only will stop the rise of infections between two people only. Let’s just say monogamy and marriage is a natural quarantine.

In a social standpoint as long as they aren't doing anything wrong to us and they don't disturb our personal space there is nothing wrong with that. We should also create a society wherein we should accept our brothers and sisters for who they are but they should also respect our limits. A society built with hatred
towards a certain group of individuals crates repressed natural behaviors and this could manifest into dangerous actions. I for one am more afraid of closet gays than openly gay people. At least with an openly gay individual you know what you are expecting, unlike when someone disguises himself as a straight guy then acts weird. 

That's why we should respect individual preferences, repressing them could make them unpredictable. Lets make all people comfortable and predictable as much as possible than unpredictable and dangerous. A person most of the time creates socially unacceptable acts because of the pressure we put on them. That's why we should allow them to be themselves to give them space to breathe and to allow them to make us see coexistence with them isn't such a bad thing after all.

Lets all chill and be cool =)

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