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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev

 Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev

Remember the suit up of Iron Man in the Avengers? Any resemblance? I find it similar not only because it can make you fly, but because it doesn’t have any other gadgets above you like that of a parachute. I know you may think that is quite far from the Iron Man suit, but I see a primitive one and just a little bit of more technologies it will eventually be like it.The Water Jet Pack just made me drop down my jaws when I saw this on YouTube. It sure is a trending topic with 4,778,657 views; I bet this one would be in the news soon.

Seeing the video alone, you would doubt if this was real. However, reading the description of the video convinced me that the Jet Pack is indeed true! If this would be available in the market, many would definitely buy this (only if it’s affordable). Who wouldn’t ever want to walk atop the water? Or fly above anyone else, not because you jump off from a plane or not because you are being held up by a parachute but simply you’re flying! This thing really can’t stop me from giggling because it is indeed amazing!

The Jet Pack is fuelled by volumes of water that comes out of the two hoses. This amazing technology has one tube that is attached to a gas-powered small boat that follows whenever the Jet Pack is flying. However, in order to take your first flights you have to undergo 30 minutes of flight training with throttle controlled by a Certified Flight Instructor. With the learnings, you get to do basic flight skills, deep water take off, low and high taxi, forward flight and turns and landing.

I bet you want to know for yourself how to own this amazing technology. Owning one requires you to have your first test flight. After the test flight, you must provide your 20% deposit to secure your slot. You will undergo a precision and control courses and you will also have to be acquainted in terms of caring it. A 40% payment will be due 60 days prior to its delivery and will qualify you immediately to the Pilot Certification Training and Safety Course and the remaining 40% is due when it will be delivered to you.

This technology is another innovation to look forward to. It’ll probably be this and more of its kind will surely move us to better gadgets. Who knows that next will see might be flying cars or someone like Iron Man itself. Lol. I just can’t get over that stuff.

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